25 Unfortunate Effects Of Climate Change On The World

Whether we like it or not, climate change is happening at a blistering pace. To make a long story short, global temperatures are rising and this is causing a lot of crazy effects on our climate and our world. Although there are the obvious effects, like hotter temperatures, there are also some unexpected effects, like more acidic oceans, unpredictable weather, and a much higher rate of diseases like malaria and dengue.

The fact is that the future of our world will depend almost entirely on the policies that we implement and what sorts of measures we take to prevent the climate from changing. If we find more efficient ways to generate power and manage to wean ourselves off of oil, it will mean a much more sustainable future for the generations that come after us.

Nobody can deny that droughts, hurricanes, blizzards, floods, and other crazy weather conditions are becoming far more commonplace than they have been in the past. These are just the beginning. If climate change continues unchecked, it will wreak havoc on the societies that we have constructed for ourselves and change the way we live forever. Having said all of that, these are the 25 Unfortunate Effects Of Climate Change On The World.


More frequent and longer heatwaves are increasing the number of heat related illnesses and deaths. Since cities retain heat, they are especially vulnerable.

More frequent and longer heatwavesSource: epa.gov, Image: wikipedia

In spite of being a developed nation, the United States is growing increasingly susceptible to dengue and malaria.

malaria mapSource: epa.gov, Image: wikipedia


Although sea levels are rising, fresh water availability has been decreasing sharply due to melting ice fields as well as droughts.

oceanSource: epa.gov, Image: wikipedia

Extreme weather is expected to increase. Tropical storms will occur more often and be more severe.

tornadoSource: epa.gov, Image: wikipedia


If the climate continues changing the way it has been, by 2050 there will be a significantly reduced number of coral reefs in the ocean.

coralSource: epa.gov, Image: wikipedia

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