25 Unbelievable People Who Changed The World

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Who do you consider the most inspirational person of all time? Martin Luther King Jr.? Nelson Mandela? There have been many great historical figures that have shaped the world down the ages, and it would be very difficult (if not impossible) to pick those whose impact on the happenings in the world was greatest. Yet, we gave it a try and compiled this post with some of most inspirational people of all time. Some of them are famous, some of them are rather unknown, but all of them have one thing in common – they changed the world. From Charles Darwin to Dalai Lama, here are 25 Unbelievable People Who Changed The World.


The 14th Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai LamaSource: nobelprize.org

The winner of the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, the 14th Dalai Lama is known for his Buddhist peace philosophy based on reverence for all living things and the idea of a universal responsibility that embraces both man and nature. The current Tibetan leader has been always willing to compromise and seek reconciliation despite brutal violations. He has also been a keen supporter of women’s rights, inter-faith dialogues, and environmentalism to name a few things.


Princess Diana

Princess Diana Source: prezi.com

Nicknamed “The People’s Princess,” Princess Diana won hearts of millions of people all over the world through her hard charity work. She devoted much of her short life (she died in a car accident at the age of just 36) to helping poor people in developing countries. A leader of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning campaign to ban landmines, Princess Diana was involved with dozens of charities and non-profit organizations including the London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Red Cross, and AIDS research.


Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Source: theguardian.com

The South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, philanthropist, and former President of South Africa (1994 to 1999), Nelson Mandela was truly a transformative force in the history of South Africa and the world. Despite having been imprisoned for almost 26 years, Mandela never lost faith in winning freedom for the South African people. His tireless work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime and democracy has inspired millions all over the world and earned him the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize.


Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc Source: independent.co.uk

Also known as the Maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc is the greatest heroine of French history and one of the most famous and inspirational female figures. Born as a poor farm girl in 1412, she believed she was chosen to lead France to victory in the Hundred Years’ War against England. She died before the end of the war (she was burned at the stake in 1431), but her courage and dedication (particularly during the Siege of Orleans) significantly boosted the morale of the French army and paved the way for the ultimate French victory.


Jesus of Nazareth

Christ_by_Heinrich_HofmannSource: huffingtonpost.com

The central figure of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth has changed the world in so many ways that he is often considered the most influential and inspirational figure of all time. These days, over 2.4 billion Christians follow his ideas and teachings. Jesus’s compassion and universal concern for suffering, his humility, and forgiveness were in contrast with what was considered virtuous by most ancient civilizations of his time.

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