25 Unbelievable Facts About The Mayans That Might Surprise You

Posted by , Updated on June 4, 2017


The Mayan civilization was incredible! They had made incredible advancements in medicine, math, and even language. Both the Aztecs and Mayans were two of the great pre-Colombian Central American civilizations. However the Mayan civilization actually preceded and outlived the Aztecs! In fact, Mayans still live in the Yucatan peninsula today! Get ready, because you are about to read 25 unbelievable facts about the Mayans that might surprise you!

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Like the Aztecs, Mayans never used iron or steel. Their weapons were made of obsidian, or volcanic rock.

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Besides having flattened foreheads and crossed eyes, Mayan nobleman had noses that were built up with putty giving them a beaked shape. Their teeth were also inlaid with jade.

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Speaking of teeth, nobelwomen filed their teeth into points

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Outside of the Babylonian systems, the Mayans were perhaps the first civilization to explicitly use the number 0 as a place holder. Indian mathematicians later became the first to use it as a mathematical value in computations.

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Nobody knows how the Mayan Empire declined. Long before the Spanish came many of the great cities had already been long abandoned and lay in ruins. Scholars have hypothesized reasons ranging from drought and famine to overpopulation and climate change.

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