25 Unbelievable Facts About 9/11 You Might Not Know

Posted by , Updated on September 7, 2017


What were you doing on the morning of September 11, 2001? Assuming you are old enough, you can probably remember it quite clearly. That single day completely changed the world we live in. And although many of the changes were for the worse, on that fateful day, the world came together in ways that we often forget about. So in honor of those who lost their lives, we bring you 25 unbelievable facts about 9/11 you might not know.

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Ben Sliney, the Federal Aviation Administration Operations Manager, was on his first day of the job when the attacks happened. Not sure of what else to do, he ordered the 4,000 plus planes in American airspace to all land immediately.

planeSource: bbc.com

There is a 9/11 memorial in Israel that is made of steel from the World Trade Center.

9-11 memorial in IsraelSource: nytimes.com

If it floated, it was needed. 9/11 saw the largest sea evacuation in US history. Beneath the watchful gaze of Lady Liberty, more than half a million New Yorkers were picked up by a fleet of tugboats, yachts, and fishing vessels led by the US Coast Guard.

Coast Guard on 9-11Source: nytimes.com

Canada immediately implemented what came to be known as Operation Yellow Ribbon. All airspace over Canada was shutdown and any international flights to the US were rerouted to Canadian airports. Canada sheltered and fed over 30,000 passengers across the country.

Canada and USASource: nytimes.com

Only one plane was allowed to take off after flights were grounded following the attack. Lawrence Van Sertima of Miami was bitten by a Taipan snake and needed antivenin quickly. Miami Fire-Rescue only had 5 vials and needed more. The problem? The closest supplies were in NYC and San Diego. NYC was a no go but the FAA gave clearance for the flight from San Diego. It was escorted by two fighter jets and Lawrence's life was saved just in time.

fighter jetSource: nytimes.com

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