25 Unbelievable Examples Of Prehistoric Architecture

The works of prehistoric architecture are predominantly made up of monoliths, dolmans, tumuli and lake dwellings and cover those structures that were built during the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods, including the Ice Age and Bronze Age. Most of the structures built at the time were made of clay and stone and featured circles of vertical stones or monoliths as well as horizontal stone slabs. Here is a list of 25 unbelievable examples of prehistoric architecture:

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Stonehenge in Columbia, 3000 – 2000 BC

Stonehenge in Columbia, 3000 – 2000 BCwww.oxfordscientificfilms.tv

Stonehenge in Amesbury, United Kingdom is an ancient monolith that reveals the science and skill of the Neolithic civilization. Considered as one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world today, the Stonehenge in UK is a ring of standing stones set within earthworks. According to archaeologists, the monument was built sometime between 3000 and 2000 BC.


El Infiernito in Colombia, c. 2200 BC

El Infiernito in Colombia, c. 2200 BCastrojovenes.wordpress.com

A prehistoric Muisca site in Colombia, El Infiernito is composed of several earthworks that surround a setting of upright standing stones otherwise known as menhirs. It is believed that the site used to be a center of religious ceremonies and spiritual purification rites during the pre-Columbian era. Its name means “little hell.”


Newgrange in Ireland, 3200 BC

Newgrange in Ireland, 3200 BCwww.ouririshheritage.org

Built in 3200 BC during the Neolithic period, Newgrange is a prehistoric monument located in County Meth, Ireland and is around one kilometer north of River Boyne. It is a large circular mound with a stone passageway and chambers inside. Considered as the most popular monument within the Neolithic Brú na Bóinne complex, it shares many similarities with other Neolithic constructions in Western Europe.


Maeshowe in Scotland, 2800 BC

Maeshowe in Scotland, 2800 BCwww.scotshistoryonline.co.uk

Also known as Maes Howe, Maeshowe is another Neolithic chambered cairn and passage grave located in Mainland, Orkney, Scotland. Built in 2800 BC, it is a significant example of Neolithic craftsmanship and is, according to archaeologist Stuart Piggott, “a superlative monument that by its originality of execution is lifted out of its class into a unique position.”


Bryn Celli Ddu in Welsh Island, c. 3000 BC

Bryn Celli Ddu in Welsh Island, c. 3000 BCcadw.wales.gov.uk

A prehistoric site on the Welsh Island of Anglesey in Llanddaniel Fab, Bryn Celli Ddu is an ancient monument that means “the mound in the dark grove.” It was a stone circle and henge that stood at the site during the Neolithic period, but the original structure was plundered in 1699.

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