25 Unbelievable Abandoned Missile Silos And Nuclear Bunkers

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Although the world is relatively peaceful these days, it’s easy to see how violent the last few centuries have been. Even in North America you can find government bunkers and abandoned missile silos that were constructed during World War II. In Europe, the number of underground bunkers is hard to imagine. From Switzerland to Paris, the entire continent is filled with the remains of war. These are 25 Unbelievable Abandoned Missile Silos And Nuclear Bunkers.


Johnston Atoll, United States

Johnston AtollSource: britannica.com

Located in the middle of the Pacific, it used to be an airbase, then it was a nuclear testing ground. Today it is administered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.


Diefenbunker, Canada

DiefenbunkerSource: diefenbunker.ca

This was Canada’s answer to the Cold War. In 1958, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker ordered a bunker to be built that would allow the country to continue functioning in case of a nuclear emergency.


Saint Nazaire Submarine Base, France

Saint Nazaire Submarine BaseSource: nantes-tourisme.com

This U-boat bunker built by the Nazis was just one of many that they constructed along the coast of France.


Martin Marietta SM-68A-HGM-25A Titan I, Colorado

Martin Marietta SM-68A-HGM-25A Titan ISource: www.nationalmuseum.af.mil

While the name might not be very catchy, this nuclear silo near Dear Trail, Colorado is significant in that it held the first multi-stage ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) for the US military.


RAF Hethel, England

RAF HethelSource: geograph.org.uk

This abandoned British air force station is now the home of Lotus Cars.

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