25 Unbelievable Things Americans Believe

Posted by , Updated on November 28, 2023

America. Land of the free, land of democracy, and apparently, land of some really weird beliefs (according to a University of Chicago study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the pew research center, CBS News polls, Public Policy Polling, Huffington post, National Geographic Survey, National Science Foundation and Gallup polls). From ghosts, to conspiracy theories, these are 25 unbelievable things Americans believe.



About 30% of Americans believe that climate change is mainly caused by “natural changes in the environment”.

global warmingSource: Yale/Gallup/Clearvision Poll

Talking about environmental issues – 10% of Americans think it’s the environmentalists themselves who cause devastating oil spills.

oil spillSource: Public Policy Polling

About 33% of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 attack.

saddam husseinSource: CBS News/New York Times Poll

More than a third of Americans believe that sexual orientation is a choice.

sexual orientationSource: Gallup Poll

Americans seem to like unorthodox opinions in general as half of them believe in some form of conspiracy theory.

conspiracySource: Conspiracy Theories and the Paranoid Style(s) of Mass Opinion by J. Eric Oliver and Thomas J. Wood

One in every five Americans believe that humans will be able to control the weather within a few decades.

ThunderstormSource: Pew Research Report

As many as 18% Americans believe that the Earth is the center of the universe.

earthSource: Gallup poll

And one in four Americans believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

25 Unbelieavable Things Americans BelieveSource: National Science Foundation Study

A quarter of Americans think the Darwin´s theory of evolution is not real.

Charles DarwinSource: Pew Research Report

According to the Consumer Federation of America and the Financial Planning Association, 20% of Americans believe that winning the lottery is a good financial plan.

LottoSource: Consumer Federation of America and the Financial Planning Association

Almost 33% of Americans believe in ghosts and 18% of Americans even claim they have seen some.

ghostSource: Pew research report

More than a third of Americans are sure aliens exist and as many as 80% think that US government has kept some secret information about UFOs.

UFOSource: National Geographic Survey

More than three quarters of Americans believe there are indisputable evidences that aliens have already visited our planet.

aliensSource: National Geographic Survey

About 7% of Americans believe the historic 1969 Moon Landing never happened.

Moon landingSource: Public Policy Polling

7% of Americans are convinced that Elvis Presley is still alive.

ElvisSource: CBS News Poll

Nearly one third of Americans believe that Bigfoot really exists.

bigfootSource: Public Policy Polling

Note: This is taking into account the “not sure” answers.


About one in four Americans suspect that President Barack Obama is the antichrist.

Barack ObamaSource: Public Policy Polling

More than half of Americans suspect that a secretive global elite is trying to create a New World Order

NWOSource: Public Policy Polling

About 26% of Americans still believe in witchcraft.

witchSource: Gallup Poll

Almost a quarter of Americans believe in reincarnation (i.e. they are convinced they were once another person).

reincarnationSource: Pew research report

15% of American voters believe that the media adds secret mind controlling technology to TV broadcasts

mindcontrolSource: Public Policy Polling

12% of Americans believe that the CIA deliberately infected African-Americans with HIV under the guise of a hepatitis inoculation program

CIASource: University of Chicago Study: Medical Conspiracy Theories and Health Behaviors in the United States

20% believe that cellphones cause cancer but that the government is afraid of large corporations and refuse to address the health hazard.

cell phoneSource: University of Chicago Study: Medical Conspiracy Theories and Health Behaviors in the United States

More than 40% of Americans believe in extrasensory perception.

extrasensory perceptionSource: Gallup Poll

1 in 4 Americans believe they won their independence from a country OTHER than Great Britain.

British FlagSource: Gallup Poll