25 Ugliest Buildings In The World

Although they surely must have appeared to be a good idea to somebody, to most of the world these buildings should never have happened. Of course, we realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so while compiling this list we tried not to lean on our own understanding but only to include structures that the local population has vehemently disapproved of. So, by majority vote these are the 25 ugliest buildings in the world.


Elephant Building, Bangkok

Elephant Building, Bangkok

This high rise located in Bangkok, Thailand was built to resemble an elephant and as a result has managed to make its way into nearly every ranking of ugly building every assembled.


Kaden Tower, Kentucky

Kaden Tower

In spite of the intricate detail and effort put into decorating this building in downtown Louisville, it hasn’t stopped it from consistently being rate one of the ugliest buildings on Earth.


The Fang Yuan Building, China

The Fang Yuan Building, China

This coin shaped building in Shenyang, China just wasn’t creative enough to stay off of the ugly lists.


The Portland Building, Oregon

The Portland Building

The small boring windows, off white masonry, and terracotta pilasters have all been cited as contributing to the ugliness factor.


Delftware Warming Station, The Netherlands

Delftware Warming Station, The Netherlands

Notable for having been identified as the ugliest building in Holland according to a prominent Dutch newspaper.

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