25 U.S. Animals You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Animals in the United States rank among the most diverse and fascinating in the world. With its numerous national parks and protected areas, America is home to 432 species of mammals, more than 800 species of birds, over 100,000 species of insects, 311 species of reptiles, almost 300 species of amphibians and 1154 species of fish (that’s a lot of animals). In fact, many of these animals are endemic (i.e. they live in the U.S. only). Take the Red Salamander for example, this semi aquatic creature can only be found in the lakes and rivers of eastern US. Then there’s the Florida panther, a beautiful big cat that is sadly endangered (but the good news is that slowly their population is rising). So if you’re ready to witness some of the cutest, scariest, weirdest, and/or unique animals on the planet, take a look at these 25 U.S. Animals You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.

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Red-cockaded woodpecker

Red-cockaded woodpeckerSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Occupying mature pine forests, the red-cockaded woodpecker is a small to mid-sized territorial woodpecker. Originally found in most of the southeastern United States, the population of the species is now estimated to be about 12,500 birds, which represents only 1% of its original numbers.


Chicken turtle

Chicken turtleSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Recognizable by its long, striped neck, the chicken turtle is a medium-sized semi-aquatic turtle found in shallow ponds, lakes and swamps in southeastern US. With a life expectancy of 15 – 20 years, they are social animals, spending much of their time basking on logs and rocks.


Pygmy rabbit

Pygmy rabbitSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

With a body length of about 23 to 30 centimeters (9 to 12 in), the Pygmy rabbit is the world´s smallest rabbit. Native to inter-mountain areas of the western United States, the Pygmy rabbit mainly feeds on sagebrush.


Short-nose gar

Short-nose garSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Reaching a length of up to 88 centimeters (35 inches), the short-nose gar is a primitive fresh-water fish characterized by its prehistoric-like appearance. Found in calm waters of large rivers and lakes, the short-nose gar helps maintain ecosystem equilibrium by feeding on minnows that are destructive to game fish and other fish populations.


Hawaiian monk seal

Hawaiian monk sealSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands (as the name suggests), the Hawaiian monk seal is a highly endangered species of earless seals. Biologists estimate there are currently only about 1,100 specimens of these amazing marine mammals left in the wild.

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