25 Twitter Tips To Help You Tweet Like A Pro

Posted by , Updated on August 9, 2014

Almost everyone we know has a Twitter account and have a multitude of reasons for what and why they use Twitter. Some use it as a news feed while others use it as an RSS feed and some use Twitter as a messaging tool to communicate with friends and family. Aside from personal uses, Twitter has become an essential promotional tool for bloggers, Internet marketers and social media professionals. The question is then: Are you making the most of the time you spend on Twitter and generating the positive results you expect? To answer that question, we gathered 25 Twitter tips to help you tweet like a pro from successful, influential power Twitter users.


Britt Michaelian @BrittMichaelian

Britt Michaelian

“When you first begin interacting on Twitter, it’s very similar to attending a networking event where you may not know a single person. One of the best ways to show up and get the most out of your time on Twitter is to have a clear goal outlined with action steps and desired results.

Know who (business contacts), what (information) and why (purpose) you are looking to connect with on Twitter and beyond. Your tweets should share thoughts, tips, resources that will help your target connections to reach their goals.

Be generous with retweets, but don’t forget to share your own thoughts that can be retweeted. Twitter is not as much about you getting what you want as it is you helping others to get what they want. It is about sharing and having conversations that are win-win scenarios for everyone involved. Bottom line, be smart and have fun!”

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Brooke Griffin @BrookeGriffin_

Brooke Griffin

“Social Media is about connecting, engaging and meeting incredible people. Twitter is such a powerful medium. It allows us to connect with people across the globe. We can form long-term friendships with those who truly support us. There are many different and creative ways to utilize Twitter, but my #1 tip is simply: engagement. Reach out, Retweet, thank, and support one another. Always be yourself and stay positive. Twitter is real life in digital form. Better yet, you can take your online friendships further and meet in person.

The more you engage others, the stronger relationships you’ll form. There is so much to learn from others. Twitter is a source of knowledge, limitless content and valuable information.  You can connect with brands, business owners and anyone you’d like to reach out to. The opportunity is endless. Keep Engaging. Twitter is Awesome.”

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Calvin Lee @Mayhemstudios

Calvin Lee on Twitter

“My number one tip has always been share and be nice. OK that was two. I have also seen myself as being like customer service. Helping my followers in anyway I can. Through sharing good and helpful information, reshare my followers content or tweets (must be quality stuff), engaging my followers, asking and answering questions. Be consistent, be yourself and be nice. The 7 rules I’ve always stuck to since I started on social media over 5 years ago. I’ve never changed or wavered the whole time. That’s why people like me. Well most people do. :)

With that said, also be careful who you trust and believe in Social Media. There are many fakes and spammers and scammers. Do your research and go with your gut feeling.”

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Dave Larson @TweetSmarter

Tweet Smarter on Twitter

Tweets that start with “@…” are mostly private and won’t be seen by many people. If you are @Mom on Twitter, and @Dad sends you this tweet:

@Mom Dinner out tonight? None of @Dad’s follower’s will see it unless they also follow you. So that also means, none of your followers will see a tweet like this:

@TweetSmarter is very helpful—if you’re looking for help, contact them.…unless they already follow @TweetSmarter! To rewrite the tweet so more of your followers can see it, put something in front of the username. The two most common ways to do that are:

.@TweetSmarter is very helpful—if you’re looking for help, contact them. If you’re looking for help on Twitter, try @TweetSmarter. They’re great!

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Debra Cincioni @MomsOfAmerica

debra cincioni

“Converse with others…don’t just tell the world what you are up to, or only post your activities.  Engage your followers and speak to them…even if you don’t have the time for lengthy dialogue, a quick tweet by hello or thank you shows your acknowledgment of their tweet to you. As in other aspects of our life, twitter is in real life…and we must honor those who take the time to send a smile… so remember to be genuine and treat others here as you would at a networking event.

To accomplish this I use an application called Hootsuite.   This tool helps you stay in touch with your followers and to manage your social media across many different platforms.  One post can reach your  twitter followers, your Facebook or Google + contacts  and others!  They have a great free service !  They are also on twitter and very helpful to users @hootsuite.”

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