25 Twitter Tips To Help You Tweet Like A Pro

Almost everyone we know has a Twitter account and have a multitude of reasons for what and why they use Twitter. Some use it as a news feed while others use it as an RSS feed and some use Twitter as a messaging tool to communicate with friends and family. Aside from personal uses, Twitter has become an essential promotional tool for bloggers, Internet marketers and social media professionals. The question is then: Are you making the most of the time you spend on Twitter and generating the positive results you expect? To answer that question, we gathered 25 Twitter tips to help you tweet like a pro from successful, influential power Twitter users.

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Aaron Lee @AskAaronLee

Aaron Lee

My best tip for those who are new to Twitter is to follow the ‘CBS Rule’. It stands for Connect, Build, and Share.
C: Connect with new people everyday, you can do so easily with Twitter chats, following new people, joining a conversation or even by reaching out to blog authors.
B: Build relationships by continuing engagement with people. This can be done by responding to tweets and keeping conversations going. Best tip to maintain a great relationship would be to add people to twitter lists. Build your Twitter lists to separate the conversationalists that you need to engage.

S: Share tweets that adds value to the stream. Adding value to the stream is how to stand out in Twitter. A good tip would be to pick a balanced mixture of content.

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Amber Osborne @MissDestructo

amber osborne

“One of the best things I ever learned to do with using Twitter is to connect with people through event hashtags before the event. Find a few people you find interesting and make it a goal to seek these people out at the event. If they have a website, make notes of things in common to talk about in person. Some of my best friends and clients have come from just doing my research on people before conferences. It’s also a great way to get involved in event hashtags and make yourself visible to the community”

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Amy Neumann @CharityIdeas

Amy Neumann

“If you’re just getting started on Twitter, take a peek at #hashtags that interest you.  A hashtag (the # sign directly touching the front of a word, no space) is simply using a word purposefully, so other people can proactively be involved in the conversation/tweets on a topic anywhere in the world.  #SocialGood is a personal favorite.  You can also find people near you talking about things that interest by you using Twitter Search in a number of ways. If you look around a bit it’s easy to find people and topics you’ll enjoy following!”

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Amy Vernon @AmyVernon

Amy Vernon

“Be yourself. Don’t be upset if your first tweets seem as if they’re going out into nothing. Talk about what interests you, share articles on topics that interest you. Use hashtags to help others find them, and always make sure you @ tag the author, when possible, in the tweet. If you find an article because of someone else on Twitter, even if you tweet it from the article page, make sure to tip your hat to that person in the tweet, so they know you noticed. Even the most seasoned Twitter pro feels good when someone shows they found something cool due to her tweet.”

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Ann Tran @AnnTran_

ann tran

“Social media is not just for transmitting a message—you should listen, like you would if you were sitting in front of someone. Make sure you give more than you take, just like in real life, because the karma effect works magically when we all share and promote others. And always do your best to be yourself. It’s just as important online as offline to be authentic, fun, creative and, if possible, inspire others with your words and actions”

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