25 Truly Shocking Punishments Given By Parents

Posted by , Updated on May 23, 2024

Do you remember the harshest punishment your parents gave you during your childhood? Some physical punishments can indeed be extremely cruel. In this discussion, we’ll introduce you to people who have experienced the most severe disciplinary actions by their parents that you could possibly imagine. Whether it involved humiliation or physical harm, these are the top 25 most shocking punishments imposed by parents.



Dog Poop to School

dog poopSource: yahoo.com

We’re not joking. Apparently, some parents in LA made their child walk around with dog poop all day following their failure to clean up after the family pet.


The Room Removal

roomSource: ponyboyqq via reddit

According to one reddit user, his parents emptied his room. Then, over the course of several weeks, he could get his stuff back if he behaved and got good grades.


Calling the Police

policeSource: buzzfeed.com

There are a few stories in the news about parents pretending to call the police (or really doing it). Sometimes the police even pretend to take the kid to jail. Now that would be horrifying for a youngster.


Bullet through the Computer

computerSource: yahoo.com

There was a video posted on YouTube recently where parent Tommy Jordan took his daughter’s laptop into the yard and put a bullet through it. Why? Apparently, he had told her that he would do it if she didn’t stop acting up…she didn’t believe him.


Laying in your Urine

bed sheets textureSource: yahoo.com

One redditor explained how she had a kidney condition that caused her to wet the bed. Apparently, her mom forced her to lie in her own urine for hours.



swordsSource: buzzfeed.com

It may sound strange, but one father decided that his 16-year-old daughter was old enough to “fight” over their differences. He gave her a wooden sword, and for 2 hours they fought it out. He was later charged with assault. (She was badly beaten.)


Soap in the Mouth

irish springSource: yahoo.com

If you come from a strict household, you may remember the first time you said a swear word…and got your mouth cleaned out with soap.



tongueSource: huffingtonpost.com

According to Hollywood star Rosario Dawson, her mother would lick her when she misbehaved as a child. Wait…what!?


Selling the Kids' One Direction Tickets on eBay

one directionSource: yahoo.com

Not long ago there was a listing for One Direction tickets on eBay. Apparently, the kids had been naughty and lost their concert rights. Perhaps the worst part was that the punishment got news coverage.


Removing Doors

teenager doorSource: buzzfeed.com

Everyone knows that teenagers like their privacy, so what better way to punish them than to remove their bedroom door? There are a good number of stories out there about father’s removing bedroom doors. (Especially after the doors in question were slammed in the father’s face by their teenage occupant.)


Silent Treatment

silenceSource: huffingtonpost.com

This may sound strange, but some parents just stop talking to their kids and “let them do what they want.” Of course, for a while the kid may have a blast. At some point, however, the fun ends. Which brings us to the non-obvious reason that this punishment can be horrifying in the long run…kids can do some potentially life altering things if left to their own devices.


Embarrassing Signs

shameSource: buzzfeed.com

Holding a sign by the road saying, “I disrespect my parents” is at the very least horrifyingly embarrassing.


Facebook Hacking

passwordSource: yahoo.com

Imagine your parents logging into your facebook account and explaining to the world that you were being disrespectful.


Smashing Their Cellphones

hammerSource: buzzfeed.com

One southern mother became an YouTube sensation when she took a hammer to her daughter’s cell phones while yelling, “I refuse to be disobeyed!”


Forced Labor

sad babysitterSource: huffingtonpost.com

One couple in Texas put an ad in the local newspaper volunteering their daughter as a free babysitter when she missed curfew. Apparently the idea was that she would have to work off her punishment.


Picking Up Sticks

feathers-and-sticksSource: kanst via reddit

Can you imagine your dad telling you pick up every stick in the yard? Even the twigs? Now imagine having a yard that is surrounded by trees (a never ending supply of twigs). According to one reddit user, this was their punishment.


Treat Them Like a Child

diaperSource: yahoo.com

In other words, if you act like a kid…we’ll treat you like one. A couple was recently sentenced to one year in jail for making their daughter shave her head, wear a diaper, and run down the street. That’ll teach her to get bad grades.


Hot Sauce in the Mouth

hot sauceSource: yahoo.com

You thought soap was bad? Try hot sauce. On one episode of Dr. Phil, a mother was shown filling her child’s mouth with hot sauce for lying. Well…at least it wasn’t Vegemite?


Parents face on a T-shirt

try meSource: yahoo.com

One father became an internet legend when he printed out a new school “uniform” for his disobedient daughter. Why was it so legendary? Because it was a picture of his face on a t-shirt with the words, “Try Me!”


Wearing Short Shorts

censoredSource: buzzfeed.com

Not the kid…the dad. When one father failed to get his daughter to stop wearing short shorts, he decided to humiliate her by taking her to dinner, while he was wearing short shorts. That sounds truly horrifying…


Setting up a Fight between your Child and your Child's Bully

fistSource: orlandosentinel.com

Want to teach your kid to stand up for themselves? Or punish them for backing down? Just invite the schoolyard bully over and have them fight it out with your child. This is exactly what the mom of a girl at Boone High School in Orlando did. Needless to say, the mom was later arrested.


Starving Them

plateSource: huffingtonpost.com

So this is one of those truly despicable punishments (unlike some of the other more figuratively “horrifying” punishments on our list). There have been several notable cases of parents starving their children to the point of malnourishment for misbehaving.


Making the Pet Suffer

goldfishSource: buzzfeed.com

Here’s another truly horrific punishment. According to several redditors, their parents did everything from euthanize their cats to flush their goldfish down the toilet. That qualifies as both child and animal abuse at the same time.


Returning the Child to Russia

coldSource: cnn.com

We’re not making this up. A family in Tennessee put their adopted child, Artyom Savelyev, on a plane back to Russia because he had a violent disposition. Apparently, this upset Moscow so much that the Russian government threatened to stop all adoptions. Seriously though, what could be a worse punishment than, “We’re going to send you back to Russia if you don’t stop misbehaving”?


Watching CSPAN

cspanSource: huffingtonpost.com

A dad in Cincinnati forced his kids to watch 5 minutes of CSPAN for every minute that they came home late. That’s a whole new level of brutality.


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