25 Tricky Pictures That Are Not What They Seem To Be

While some optical illusionists and artists can spend countless amount of hours trying to come up with photos that trick our senses, sometimes these images happen unintentionally. Whether you call it forced perspective, perfectly timed situations, random optical illusion or just (un)fortunate coincidence, these 25 Tricky Pictures That Are Not What They Seem To Be. Caution: some of them my seem a bit NSFW but if you look carefully, you will see they are totally safe and appropriate.


The man does not have girlish legs and women´s shorts, but if you look closer, you'll see who does.

optical illusionImage: wildammo.com

This is not a three-legged girl.

optical illusionImage: gpuzzles.com

This is not a boy with a face of an adult man. Though it's hard to tell at first glance.

optical illusionImage: reddit.com

This girl is not levitating.

optical illusionImage: earthporm.com

This baby does not have a big bottom.

optical illusionImage: www.checkthisyo.com

Do you see the boy with a pink top and women´s jeans? If you do, you have been fooled.

optical illusionImage: www.bytez.nl

This is not a super-old basketball player.

optical illusionImage: www.pinterest.com

Looks like Ant-man is real after all...but looks can be deceiving.

optical illusionImage: comicgags.com

This girl does not have an insanely hairy arm.

optical illusionImage: www.eye-illusions.com

Don't worry, this is not a woman with zebra legs.

optical illusionImage: kickvick.com

The woman is not giving a speech on a levitating platform. Though that would probably be the coolest speech ever given.

optical illusionImage: reddit.com

No, it is not a girl carrying a boy.

optical illusionImage: blazepress.com

Who is carrying who? If you thought the dark haired girl, you've been fooled.

optical illusionImage: viranlnova.com

Disproportional hand? Nope, just an optical illusion.

optical illusionImage: buzzfeed.com

The girl behind her is not naked!

optical illusionImage: kickvick.com

No Foot hand woman here.

optical illusionImage: www.legitscoop.com

Well this is awkward.

optical illusionImage: emgn.com

Did you know there are wizzards among hockey refs?

tricky photoImage: imgur.com

Players can actually do some magic too.

optical illusionImage: zevenmedia.com

Cool Chihuahua taking a selfie?

optical illusionImage: www.pinterest.com

Can you figure out what is going on here?

optical illusionImage: viralnova.com

There's only three people in this picture...seriously.

optical illusionImage: kickvick.com

No, the man in the background is not wearing a flower bikini.

optical illusionImage: earthporm.com

The man does not have a ridiculously small head.

optical illusionImage: www.logicgoat.com

Groot? Not quite.

optical illusionImage: www.pocket-lint.com

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