25 Travel Hacks You Need To Start Taking Advantage Of

While dreaming of a getaway is free, getting on a plane, staying at a nice hotel and going on tours are not. Nowadays, it is easy to look for cheap travel and accommodation prices over the web, but extra legwork has to be done to make sure that you save as much as possible on hotels, attractions and airfare. This is where travel hacking comes in. Travel hacking is more than just accumulating points to get freebies; it’s about being able to go somewhere while bringing travel costs as close to zero as possible. Here are 25 travel hacks you may want to take advantage of:

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Military / Student discounts


If you are in the military or are still a student, be sure to ask whether a particular establishment offers a discount. This includes things like the Euro passes and some entertainment venues.


Free? You bet!


Some museums offer major discounts or even free entrances depending on the day and time you. Always check a museum’s website for details.


Get a city tourist card.


If you plan on visiting many museums, historical sites, or other attractions then a tourist card is an easy way to save up to 50% off on these attractions.


The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)


This organization is in constant need for laborers and for a few hours of farm work a day, they’ll provide you with meals and a place to stay.


Go Camping in a Garden.


If you are a camping junkie this may be for you. If your travels take you to the UK, consider camping in someone’s garden. It’s affordable, simple, and guarantees you a unique experience.

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