25 Travel Hacks You Need To Start Taking Advantage Of

While dreaming of a getaway is free, getting on a plane, staying at a nice hotel and going on tours are not. Nowadays, it is easy to look for cheap travel and accommodation prices over the web, but extra legwork has to be done to make sure that you save as much as possible on hotels, attractions and airfare. This is where travel hacking comes in. Travel hacking is more than just accumulating points to get freebies; it’s about being able to go somewhere while bringing travel costs as close to zero as possible. Here are 25 travel hacks you may want to take advantage of:

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Get a Tourist Card.


Not only do tourist cards offer huge discounts to customers when they visit attractions, but they may also save you money on transportation with special fares and sometimes even free fares.


Look for eat-all-you-can restaurants.


If you want the most food for your buck, then buffets is where is at. Sure the food may not be the best, but the fact that you get to eat for as much as you want for a small price (usually about $15 USD) makes up for it.


Lunch specials


During the lunch hours, restaurants offer lunch specials where dishes are offered at significant discounts.


Dress to impress


Though its difficult to quantify this statement, there have been some reports of travelers receiving airline upgrades solely on the basis of their attire. So skip the sweat pants and dress to impress on your next flight, you just might end up in first class.


Outdoor vendors

Smorgasburg opening day
May 21, 2011
Williamsburg, Brooklynwww.smorgasburg.com

Quick and cheap, food sold by outdoor vendors can save you time and money.

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