25 Traits Of A Successful Blogger

There are a lot of blogs created everyday. That does not come as a surprise as blogging can be really profitable for a lot of individuals and a great way for businesses to build their online presence. Blogging is also fun and a great way to share your opinions, tell your story. A perfect tool for self expression! It’s sad though that most bloggers tend to quit when things get tough or competitive. For beginners, when no traffic comes to their sites or when ideas run out, the first option they choose is to just give up. If you want to be a successful blogger and reap the benefits of your efforts, I believe that there are certain character traits that you need to posses and hone such as these 25 traits of a successful blogger.



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Accuracy is important when you share a lot of data and information on your blog. You don’t want to mislead your audience or get sued because you did not give credit where credit is due.



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There are a lot of blogs out there and many more being created everyday. It is a stiff competition getting new visitors to your site. A proactive blogger will not wait for any opportunity to come to them, they find the opportunity to reach out and people not just to visit their site, but become advocates and evangelists. Proactive bloggers will have a better chance of growing their blogs.



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Bloggers who are successful know that the ability to analyze their metrics is key to writing meaningful blog post easily. Articles that will not only be relevant to their audience but posts that also get loads of traffic.



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Successful bloggers know that writing and publishing well written articles on a regular basis is good for their SEO ranking and traffic. If you are writing one blog post a month work up to writing at least once a week.


Thought Provoking


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Bloggers should be able to provide content that will make their readers think. Move them to action. It’s a skill that is important for writers to learn.

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