25 Tourist Scams You Should Watch Out For This Summer

No matter where you’re going, most likely there will be someone there happy to scam you. Whether its the cashier at the corner store, the old lady sitting on the park bench, or the fake police officer helping you check your things. While it’s not good to suspect everyone, some common sense and foreknowledge can go a long way. Here are 25 tourist scams you should watch out for this summer.

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The Rose Scam

The Rose ScamSource: wikitravel.org

So lets get this one out of the way. Whether you’d call it a scam or not, just know that during your European vacation it is likely that someone will approach you and your girlfriend with roses for sale. Why? Because rejecting a rose while you’re with your girlfriend is kind of hard…or at least that’s what the peddlers think. But don’t feel bad. It’s ok to reject it on principal and buy her a rose from somebody who’s not trying to use shady marketing techniques.


The Room Inspection Crew

The Room Inspection CrewSource: travel.cnn.com

While in Spain, be careful if two men in official uniforms show up at your hotel door claiming they need to inspect your room. One will most likely try to distract you while the other goes for your things.


The Petition For Charity

WritingSource: fodors.com

While walking through the streets of Paris be careful if someone comes up to you claiming to be mute or deaf and asking you to sign a petition. Their hands have a knack for ending up in your pockets while you are busy with your signature.


The Peanut Payday

PeanutsSource: robinesrock.com

If you are ever sitting at a table in Rio de Janeiro and somebody walks up to you pouring some peanuts on your table while insisting you eat them, just remember, they’re not free! He will leave you and go pour peanuts on other tables. If you’ve eaten the nuts by the time he gets back, he’ll be expecting payment.


The Busted Camera

The Busted CameraSource: lonelyplanet.com

A worldwide phenomenon, be careful if someone asks you to take a picture of them and the camera doesn’t work. Sometimes, when you are trying to return it to them, they will fumble it and let it fall. And guess who they’re going to demand compensation from?

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