25 Tourist Locations People Complain About For Various Reasons

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There are two types of tourists in the world. There are who that don’t complain, and then there are Americans. Okay, we’re just joking. Sort of. But mostly we are. Complaining and tourism seem to go hand in hand. Whether it’s service, prices, cleanliness, or anything else, it seems like visiting a foreign country can just open the flood gates of complaining.

The fact is, however, that sometimes the complaints are legitimate. Just to be clear though, our list today has nothing to do with “legitimate” complaints. It only points out what people are saying. It is up to you to decide whether you feel the complaints are worth taking into consideration or not. For example, most complaints are usually directed against the cultural norms of a certain area. Things like “the people are so rude” or “the buildings are so ugly.” That’s just the way it is. The problem with this is that the complaints can often become subjective. To one person that culture may be rude, to another person they just might be staying out of your business. It’s a matter of perspective. Either way, these 25 Tourist Locations People Complain About For Various Reasons.

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SwedenSource: reddit

Even the locals will complain about how boring it is. It’s a great place to visit once, though.


New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana, Source: reddit

The disparity between rich and poor here is so stark that you may begin to wonder whether someone is playing a joke on you. Bourbon Street is nice to see once, but after that you’ll want to move on.


Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FloridaImage: pixabay, Source: tripadvisor

To the Europeans among you: it’s a tourist trap. Florida is more than Orlando.


Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, TurkeyImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

While it is a beautiful city and the people are friendly, it has become far less of a “tourist spot” in recent years. Petty crime and terrorism rank high on the list of things to watch out for.


The Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal, IndiaSource: tripadvisor

While the building might be worth seeing, the surrounding areas are extremely run down. Definitely don’t wander off the beaten path too much.


Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, NigeriaImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Unless you’ve been to India or some other comparable places in Asia, Lagos will be a different world for you. It’s crowded beyond comprehension, and if you manage to get out without being extorted, you should write a book about it.



WyomingImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

It’s America’s Siberia.



SiberiaSource: reddit

There is a reason that nothing is here, not even roads.


Manila, Philippines

Manila, PhilippinesSource: reddit

There is perhaps no better place to get conned or robbed than one of the most crowded cities in the Asia.



JamaicaSource: reddit

If you are expecting a pristine beach vacations, expect again. As a non-local you will be harassed, and the beaches are not all they are cracked up to be.


Naples, Italy

Naples, ItalySource: reddit

It is a lot dirtier and poorer than the romantic vision of Italy that you have in your head.


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Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, IndonesiaSource: reddit

The traffic is unbelievable.


Athens, Greece

Athens, GreeceImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Some of the sights are worth it, but what nobody told you is that a lot of the city is just poverty.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi ArabiaSource: reddit

This counts double if you are a woman. And oh yeah…public executions are a thing. A very real thing.


Venice, Italy

Venice, ItalyImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

About 50% of people hate Venice and about 50% love it. This pretty much boils down to how adverse you are to tourist traps.


Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs, AustraliaImage: freeaussiestock.com, Source: reddit

This city in the middle of the desert has a pretty bad reputation for crime. Apparently there isn’t too much else to do out there.



MoroccoSource: tripadvisor

Get ready to be pressured into buying things you don’t need by relentless gangs.



TexasImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Everything is bigger here, including your waistline when you leave.

Note: This applies to many regions of the southern United States for those of you coming from outside of America.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, CaliforniaImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

The weather is good, and the people are friendly, but this place is sprawling and unruly. A lot like Naples, there are some parts you probably don’t want to visit.


Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New JerseySource: reddit

It’s pretty much a third world country in the middle of one of the richest states in the union.


Paris, France

Paris, FranceImage: Moyan Brenn via Flickr, Source: wikipedia

There is actually a psychological syndrome called the Paris Syndrome. Japanese tourists exhibit symptoms similar to anxiety attacks quite often due to the fact that Paris often doesn’t live up to their unrealistic expectations. The Japanese embassy even has a hotline they can call and sometimes they are airlifted back to Japan.



BelarusSource: reddit

The toll road system has a mysterious way of malfunctioning for foreigners (if you have EU plates). Prepare to be extorted by the militia.



SwitzerlandImage: freestockphotos.biz, Source: tripadvisor

You will be broke when you leave.



ThailandImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

It’s probably one of the most lawless places on Earth that actually has an internationally recognized government.


Charleroi, Belgium

Charleroi, BelgiumImage: wikipedia, Source: tripadvisor

They say it’s the car break-in capital of Europe.


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