25 Totally Crazy Photos From Russia

No matter what country we live in, we all sometimes feel like the people around us are crazy. They wear weird clothes, do creepy stuff, say strange things… But the craziness of people´s behavior can be very relative. What seems weird to you doesn’t have to be weird for someone else. However, there is one particular country that got famous all over the world for the craziest and most improbable photos from everyday life. Yes, it’s Russia. After watching the following 25 pictures from this country, you will probably revise your rankings of what is normal and what is crazy.

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Forget girlish bathrooms, Russian tough guys do their hygiene in an excavator shovel.

elitedaily.com meanwhile_in_russia_15elitedaily.com

Have you heard of toilet-seat ball?

ilikr.net crazy-pics-russia-part12-17ilikr.net

But we must admit there are still some things in Russia that, in spite of our greatest efforts, we cannot find any explanation for. Such as this…

englishrussia.com 3englishrussia.com


25 Totally Crazy Photos From Russiafunnie.st

…or this. But the guy seems to be right. Just don’t think about it too much and relax. This is Russia.

izismile.com ould_only_happen_in_russia_640_33izismile.com

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