25 Top Batman Comics Every Enthusiast Should Own

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes ever introduced by DC Comics. Since its first release, Batman has been featured in several series, graphic novels and even movies. A wide array of Batman comics has also been released as spinoffs of the core Batman titles to feature new characters that are unique in their own rights. Here is a list of 25 batman comics that every Batman enthusiast should own:

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“The Last Arkham” (Batman: Shadow of the Bat#1-4, 1992)


One of the most famous Batman comic books, The Last Arkham introduces the psychotic character of Mister Zsasz who is known today as one of the most dangerous villains in the Batman series. It is an interesting story to explore because it dwells on the madness of the asylum led by Jeremiah Arkham.


Batman: Ego (2000)


Batman Ego is another Batman comic book that aims to analyze the character of Bruce Wayne, from the most obvious aspects of his character up to the finest details of his psychological makeup. It features not a heroic Bruce Wayne but a Bruce Wayne who is wholly controlled by his id and attempts to stop crime by way of lethal justice.


“The Eye of the Beholder” (Batman Annual #14, 1990)


Unlike other Batman comic books that tell the origin of Two-Face, this one centers solely on Harvey Dent without any regard for the other characters. It begins with how he, Gordon and Batman came together and decided to stop crimes in Gotham altogether.


“The Court of the Owls/Night of the Owls” (Batman #1-11, 2011-2012)


Written by Scott Snyder, this comic book is said to be one of the best superhero comics of the decade. In the opening of this book, the writer introduces the Court of the Owls as a cult that has been playing around with Gotham for decades. Bruce Wayne learns about it, dismisses the idea, until he finally learns of their plan to take over the metropolis.


“Prey” (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #11-15, 1990-1991)


Prey is a Batman comic book that gives a fresh take on the first battle of Batman against Dr. Hugo Strange. Unlike other books of its kind, however, it comes with an entirely different tone and plot because Strange is portrayed as a renowned psychologist who ventures into a television crusade to analyze the psyche of Batman for the public.

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