25 Tips To Remember People’s Names

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We all know the embarrassing and frustrating feeling when you are about to address someone you had been already introduced to but you forgot his or her name. In fact, most people admit they have problems with remembering other people´s names and it usually only gets worse with age. But the ability to remember people´s names is a very useful skill, especially in social interaction and also business. Luckily, there are numerous tips and tricks that can help you with this problem. To improve your ability to remember people´s names, check out these 25 tips to remember people’s names.


Prioritize people's names. It's easier to remember things you consider to be important


Concentrate when someone introduces him/herself to you. It's been proven that we often tend to forget people´s names simply because we didn't pay attention.


Unfortunately, introductions often take place at extremely distracting places such as clubs, bars, busy restaurants etc. It might be challenging but try to suppress all the distracting elements during an introduction. Focus only on faces and names, nothing else.

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Repetition is one the most important things when trying to remember anything, not just names. Once you hear the person´s name, keep looking at him/her and say the name in your mind a few times.

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Repeat the person´s name aloud as well. You can use something like: “Pleasure to meet you, Leighton” or “How long have been working in this company, Leighton?”

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Remember to use the person´s name a few more times throughout the conversation. This will help to link the person with his or her name in your subconscious memory.

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If you happen to miss the name, don’t pretend to have caught it but ask the person to say it again. You can never remember a name you failed to hear correctly.

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If you know another person with the same name as the one who you have just been introduced to, associate him/her with the recently introduced individual. Next time you see the newly introduced person, the other, familiar person with the same name will come to your mind .


Take advantage of exaggerating the pronunciation. Take "Lia" for example, prolong the syllables and say: “Leeee – aaaa!” The more pronounced and funny, the easier it is to remember.

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If the new name is too long, foreign or unusual, try to find some familiar sounding parts in the name. For example “Anirudh” – “rude” or even better “Ann is rude”.

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For extremely long or hard-to-remember names, you can even create a little story. For example “Rohitashwa” – “ROn HIT ASHley With Apple”.

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Looking for ways to improve your memory? Check out these surefire ways to improve your memory and keep your brain sharp.


Those who have a good visual memory can imagine the individual letters of the new name in their minds. This can also significantly increase the chance of remembering the name.


Another technique based on visual memorizing suggests you can imagine the person´s name written across his or her forehead, like a billboard.

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People with better verbal memory can take advantage of alliteration. Try to link the person´s name with a thing that relates to him/her and starts with the same letter. For example: “John from Jersey”, “Susan from sales”, “Megan from marketing” etc.

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Make rhyming connections between the name and the physical appearance of the person. “Rose with the big nose”, “Kyle with the crooked smile” etc. If you forget the name, the physical trait you noticed earlier might just remind it to you.

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If you cannot recall the person´s name and you have a colleague with you, ask him for help discreetly. To avoid awkward whispering, your colleague can give you the person´s name by saying something like “Amanda and I talked about it yesterday and we think…”

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If there is no one to help you, don’t be afraid to speak up. To avoid making the person feel embarrassed, start out with a compliment, such as “I’ve had so much fun talking to you but I’ve completely forgotten your name.”

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Take advantage of the written form of the name. Ask the person for his/her business card or just write the name down for yourself.


Remembering nicknames might be easier for some people but try to stick to the name the person told you when he was introduced to you. If he said he was “David”, remember him as “David”, not “Dave”.


Close the conversation by saying the newly introduced person´s name (e.g.: “It was so nice to talk to you, Sarah”). This way, you will let the person know you have kept his/her name in mind (which will please him/her) and it will also reinforce the connection between the name and the person you have created in your mind.

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Right after you finish the conversation with the person and you are alone, say the person´s name aloud a few more times and try to connect it with some important information related to the person, for example: “Jaime, the IT guy from Boston”.


If you have a good imagination, you can also try to turn the person´s name into an image of something that you will remember easier. It doesn’t work with every name but there is still a lot of names that can be associated with some common objects (e.g. Shirley – the Shirley Temple cocktail, Jack – the car lift, Margherita – the pizza etc.)

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If you keep a record of people you have met and might meet again, take time once in a while to briefly go through it all and try to associate the names with the people´s faces. This will refresh the connections you have already created in your mind.

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Many of those who have problems with remembering names refuse to try and remember people's names thinking they will forget their names anyway (kind of like a self-fulfilling, negative prophecy). In this case, what's needed is a change of attitude. If you are determined to remember names, you are much more likely to make it happen.


An average human brain can store as many as 2.5 petabytes (or 2,500 terabytes) of information, so don't worry. Be confident that you are more than able to remember any name you want to.

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