25 Tips To Remember People’s Names

We all know the embarrassing and frustrating feeling when you are about to address someone you had been already introduced to but you forgot his or her name. In fact, most people admit they have problems with remembering other people´s names and it usually only gets worse with age. But the ability to remember people´s names is a very useful skill, especially in social interaction and also business. Luckily, there are numerous tips and tricks that can help you with this problem. To improve your ability to remember people´s names, check out these 25 tips to remember people’s names.

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Prioritize people's names. It's easier to remember things you consider to be important


Concentrate when someone introduces him/herself to you. It's been proven that we often tend to forget people´s names simply because we didn't pay attention.


Unfortunately, introductions often take place at extremely distracting places such as clubs, bars, busy restaurants etc. It might be challenging but try to suppress all the distracting elements during an introduction. Focus only on faces and names, nothing else.

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Repetition is one the most important things when trying to remember anything, not just names. Once you hear the person´s name, keep looking at him/her and say the name in your mind a few times.

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Repeat the person´s name aloud as well. You can use something like: “Pleasure to meet you, Leighton” or “How long have been working in this company, Leighton?”

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