25 Tips To Help You Help A Grieving Friend

The pain associated with death is probably one of the hardest things to treat. It tears at the very bottom of one’s soul and seems to rip out anything of substance, laying it out in the open for wild animals to feed on. It’s like a dark journey with weights strapped around your neck. It’s a suffocating pain that mere words can’t fully describe. Yet, when someone you love is walking through this time, naturally you want to be able to help them. No one should endure this alone, and so here are 25 tips to help you help a grieving friend.

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Attend the funeral


Be sure to attend the funeral no matter what happens. This will be a major source of comfort for the bereaved as it will show them how much other people cared for their loved one.




Unfortunately, there’s not much you can say to alleviate grief. So don’t pretend to know or have all the answers. Instead, listen and let them (if they want to) share their pain.


Reach out to the grieving


There is no substitute for presence. It’s not necessary that you say anything or try to solve the issue at hand. Rather, just be with the grieving. That alone can be extremely comforting.


Cook for the grieving


This may sound trivial but grief may cause people to lose the desire to cook or even eat. But if someone takes the time to prepare meals for the grieving, then not only will this be a gesture of love and comfort, but you will also help in maintaining the grieving nourished.


Help spread the message


By helping the bereaved share information concerning funeral arrangements or memorial services, you lift a huge burden off their shoulders. The fact is, during this sensitive time they will be emotionally and mentally drained and anything that they don’t have to deal with will be a huge help.

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