25 Tips To Having A Successful Roommate Relationship

Are you currently experiencing roommate troubles? Looking for ways to not just deal with your roommate, but dare we say it, even enjoy your roommate? Wait until you see what we have for you! Here are 25 Tips To Having A Successful Roommate Relationship.

Address problems quickly.

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When your roommate does something that bothers you, confront the situation immediately. Postponing confrontations leads to bearing grudges against your roommate, and it also gives them the license to repeat the infraction simply because they have no clue that something offensive has been done.


Hold a weekly conversation.

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Having a weekly chat with your roommate helps you develop transparency in your relationship. At least five minutes a week, you can both sit down and discuss things that have to do with your living arrangement. These could be bills that have to be paid soon, upcoming plans, or even cleanliness issues. Even if you develop a friendship with your roommate and talk on a daily basis, it’s important to set aside a time to talk specifically about household matters.


Lay the ground rules as early as possible.

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The moment you choose to live with someone else, you have to face the fact that you are living with somebody who does not share exactly the same values as you. To avoid any misunderstandings, it’s imperative that you both establish the ground rules inside your home as soon as you move in. These rules might include who does do a particular chore or who should pay a particular bill.


Neither be a borrower, nor a lender.

borrow money

Shakespeare once phrased that when somebody asks for money from someone, he only asks for trouble. Among the things that easily tarnish relationships are money issues. When you are living with someone, try as much as you can not to have any financial liabilities with your roommate to avoid future troubles.


Pick a roommate who is your “financial twin”

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Make sure that your future roommate can pay the bills assigned to him or her in the same way you can pay yours. This is really important when it comes to utility uses. For example, a roommate with a higher income base may not see an issue with running the AC at low temperatures since they can afford to pay for the bill, while a roommate with a lower income base may want to increase the AC in order to conserve on the utility bill.

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