25 Tips For Improving Your Photography

Posted by , Updated on June 29, 2014

Imagery can be quite powerful. It can exude emotion, invoke reactions and can make you dream of possibilities. Photography is a powerful medium that enables artists to capture a world seen through varying lenses (whether physical or ideological) by etching a concrete display of the flitting images of life, such as when a butterfly springs out of its cocoon or when a seed starts to sprout. In order to help you capture these special moments, here are 25 tips for improving your photography.

Choose an interesting subject and take pictures of it. You can find one anywhere. Your subject can be butterflies fluttering in your garden or even that nice elderly neighbor.

photography tips

The light’s quality has a huge effect on how your photos look like. Pay attention to color temperature, likewise, pay attention to how diffused or harsh the light is. Diffused light creates soft shadows and is ideal for creating portraits.

photography tips

Check light exposure and make sure your shots are not over or under exposed.

photography tips

Blurry pictures can prove problematic. This is especially the case if you’re shooting handheld in the dark. You can reduce the blur caused by camera shake by either making use of fast shutter speeds or using a solid support, i.e. a tripod.

photography tips

Let your photos tell a story. Ask yourself if any element in your photos help in telling a story. If it helps, keep it in the frame and if it doesn’t, keep it out.

photography tips

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