25 Things You Would See In A Sci-Fi Movie That Became Reality

People who lived during the ancient times predicted that thousands of years since then, the world would develop beyond anyone’s imagination. True enough, what used to be science fictions eventually became established truths and facts because of advancements in technology. For the past few years, science has been consistent in making a lot of mind-blowing breakthroughs. Here are 25 things you would see in a sci-fi movie that became reality.

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Technology proves how vulnerable the human brain is.


A team of researchers employed by Usenix Security was able to demonstrate how vulnerable the human brain is by reading pin codes and passwords using an EKG.


Robotic exoskeletons now used by NASA.


NASA now makes use of robotic exoskeletons that feature four motorized joints and six passive joints. This robotic exoskeleton weighs just about 57 lbs. and serves in helping astronauts with their movements, paraplegics with walking and exercise while in space.


Ultra-flexible willow glass allows for curved electronic devices.


The flexible glass prototype that was first exhibited in Boston was created by Corning, a New York-based developer. This glass prototype is only around 0.05-mm thick, which makes it as thin as a sheet of paper.


SpaceX docks with the International Space Station


The first unmanned commercial space flight known as Space X docked with the International Space Station last year. This phenomenon made history, as it marked the first time for any private company to send its craft to the space station. It was the robotic arm of the ISS that seized the capsule in its first trip to space.


Wales encodes the DNA of every flowering plant in the country


The National Botanic Garden’s head of research and conservation created a database of DNA for more than a thousand native species of Wales. Through the help of DNA and the use of over five thousand barcodes, each of the species of Wales can now be easily identified by photos of their pollens, wood, roots and seeds.

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