25 Things You Would Never Guess Actually Have Names

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English is a strange and complex language, but its strangeness may reach further than you thought. There are things that we see everyday that we may not even know the name of, or we didn’t even know had a name to begin with. Either way, you are going to be seeing some pretty peculiar names for common items that you may see on a daily basics. These are 25 Things You Would Never Guess Actually Have Names.




Petrichor is the scent produced when rain drops fall onto dry soil. Many people love the smell of rain so much because of an organic compound called geosmin that is released into the air.




The Ferrule is the metal part of the pencil that holds the eraser in place. You’ve most likely been using pencils your entire life and have never noticed this metal piece other than to chew on it.


Morton's Toe

morton's toehttps://www.verywellfit.com/what-is-mortons-toe-3435533

Also known as “Greek Foot,” this is when your second toe is larger than your big toe. This may sound strange, but it’s actually a very common trait, occurring in 10%-20% of the population.



zarf - coffee cup with sleeve on countermoma.org

The zarf is the useful piece of cardboard that is used to go around your hot coffee cup. I prefer to think of it as a zesty scarf that wraps around your cup to keep it nice and warm.


Niggly Wiggly

niggly wiggly - Hershey's kissescloudigylaw.com

This is just a fun word to say even if it was made up, but the name defines the little slit of paper that sticks out of all Hershey’s Kisses’ wrappers.

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