25 Things You Wish They Told You About Having Kids

Posted by , Updated on November 12, 2021

Depending on who you ask, having kids is either a great thing, a terrifying thing, or any number of things in between. Of course, there are those of you out there that can’t have kids, don’t want kids, or haven’t made your mind up yet. That’s okay. We don’t want you to feel excluded from this list, so maybe read it in honor of all your friends who are moms and dads.

It’s true what they say about kids. All of it. They are the best. They are the worst. They will make you happy. They will make you depressed. The only sure thing with kids is that there is no sure thing. Now don’t you wish that somebody had told you that before you jumped into the world of diapers and sleepless nights?

In this list, we’re going to go over some of the best advice we could find on the topic of having kids and what people wish they would have heard before they had them. Maybe it would have been easier to prepare. Maybe not. We can’t really say. The only certainty is that it’s fun to see what people wish they knew. These are 25 things you wish they told you about having kids.



You will never sit through an entire dinner.

You will never sit through an entire dinnerImage: wikipedia, Source: huffingtonpost

You will have to get up. Multiple times.


Kids get really sick.

Kids get really sickImage: wikipedia, Source: huffingtonpost

Yea, you do too right? Not like this. It’s more of a habit for them.


You will be judged.

You will be judgedSource: reddit

Not just by your kids, but by other parents. Prepare to have your every decision scrutinized, especially if it doesn’t correspond to what the other parents did with their kids.


Rules are futile.

Rules are futileSource: thoughtcatalog

Kids are natural lawyers. They will poke holes in your rules until you yourself don’t even know why you implemented the rule in the first place. Try to be transparent with the reasons that you do things.


The baby monitor will terrify you.

The baby monitor will terrify youImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

When it goes silent that is. Every time the noise stops your panic will start.


Everything will terrify you.

Everything will terrify youImage: pixabay, Source: huffingtonpost

Even on your way to work, you’ll worry about getting into a crash and who will take care of your kids.


Kids get their energy by sucking it out of the adults around them.

Kids get their energy by sucking it out of the adults around themSource: reddit

That includes you.


Kids grow fast

Kids grow fastSource: thoughtcatalog

Like…really fast. One day they’re lying on their back, the next day they’re crawling around, and you’re looking for them.


You will feel awkward.

You will feel awkwardSource: huffingtonpost

Especially when you first walk out of the hospital holding a new life that is entirely your responsibility to take care of. Good luck.


You will feel guilty.

You will feel guiltySource: reddit

It’s the kids that get in trouble right? Aren’t they the ones that are supposed to feel guilty? Wait until you try to figure out how to punish them.


Kids get bored easily.

Kids get bored easilySource: huffingtonpost

And then they cry. Take them outside for a change of scenery; it can work magic.


Kids are ugly at first.

Kids are ugly at firstSource: reddit

For the first few days you’ll wonder where the cuddliness is. It comes eventually..


Kids are very different from each other.

Kids are very different from each otherImage: pixabay, Source: thoughtcatalog

The more kids you have, the more you will realize this. Their personalities can be like night and day.


Kids are bad at self-preservation.

Kids are bad at self-preservationImage: pixabay, Source: huffingtonpost

From falling off of furniture to eating legos, it can be challenging to keep them from hurting themselves.


Your plans will change.

Your plans will changeImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

However you saw your life going, for better or for worse, it will go a different way.


Taking care of a high needs child is lonely.

Taking care of a high needs child is lonelyImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

You can probably imagine that it’s hard, but nothing quite prepares you for the isolation. Even conversations with other parents can be hard.


You will get lots of advice.

You will get lots of adviceSource: thoughtcatalog

From everybody. Even people that don’t have kids.


Kids can make you feel great in an instant.

Kids can make you feel great in an instantImage: pixabay, Source: huffingtonpost

Or awful just as quickly. The first time you hear your child say, “I love you,” it will probably melt your heart. The first time your child say, “I hate you,” it will probably break your heart.


Time passes really slowly

Time passes really slowlyImage: pixabay, Source: huffingtonpost

But it also speeds right by. As they say, “The days are long, but the years are short.”


There will be problems you never expected.

There will be problems you never expectedSource: thoughtcatalog

Even if your kids is born perfectly healthy and everything seems to work out, there are so many things that can go wrong (psychologically, etc) that you will find yourself getting blindsided more than once.


They require constant attention.

They require constant attentionSource: reddit

Even when they don’t require your attention. Your thoughts, plans, everything will involve them. You can’t just run out of the house to meet your friends anymore.


You might not feel connected to them.

You might not feel connected to themSource: huffintonpost

At least not at first. Actually, you might not feel anything towards them in the beginning. Give it some time.


Your sleep schedule will change.

Your sleep schedule will changeImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Apparently, even after your kids grow up, your sleeping schedule will never be the same.


Kids are not innocent.

Kids are not innocentSource: reddit

Not at all. That whole “age of accountability” thing is garbage. If you still think this, you’ve never been in a room full of 2-year-old’s. They’re born selfish, and they stay that way…unless they learn otherwise.


Nobody knows what they're doing.

nobody knows what their doingImage: collegedegrees360 via Flickr; Source: thoughtcatalog

Every time somebody swears by so-and-so method, another person will claim that it doesn’t work at all. Even after all these millennia, we still don’t know what we’re doing.

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