25 Things You Thought Were True But Really Aren’t

We all have misconceptions. It’s part of the human condition…rumors and myths propagate rapidly. But, hopefully in the next few minutes we’ll dispel some of them. No, the Great Wall of China can’t be seen from space. No, goldfish don’t have a 1 second memory, and yes, a duck’s quack does in fact echo. These are 25 things you thought were true but really aren’t.

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You lose most of your body heat through your head


Actually, if you were completely naked you would lose the same amount of body heat everywhere. It’s just that your head is less likely to be covered.


The Great Wall Of China is the only man made object you can see from space


Even from low Earth orbit the wall is extremely hard to spot and there are other monuments that are much easier to see. This myth is hundreds of years old, however, so it’s not hard to understand why people would have thought something like this.


Glass is a slow moving liquid


Although it may seem this way especially when you see those old windows that seem to be really wavy, glass doesn’t “flow”. Its an amorphous solid.


Different parts of your tongue detect different tastes


The truth is that we detect all the tastes on every part of our tongue to roughly the same extent.


People thought the Earth was flat before Columbus discovered it wasn’t


Wrong again. People have known since Greek times that we live on a large spherical ball.

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