25 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your First Date

Going on a first date can always be a bit nerve racking, even for the most experienced of daters. Depending on what sort of feelings you have for the other person, it can be anywhere between slightly awkward and full out panic attack. Of course, there are certain things that you can do to make the date go better or worse both for yourself and the other person, and that’s where we come in.

These tips aren’t meant to be a comprehensive dating guide. Not even close. In fact, the most important rule you can remember today is that there are no rules! When it comes to relationships and dating, different things work for different people. What you are going to read here today is more like a set of guidelines that will work for most people, specifically for those of you who are really nervous about your date.

Whether or not you remember the advice on our list, just make sure to be yourself. Even if things go terribly, at least you don’t have to suffer through more dates pretending to be someone else. Dating is supposed to be fun, so try not to take yourself too seriously! These are 25 things that you shouldn’t do on your first date.

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Be late

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If you will be late though, at least send a text.


Talk about future children

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This may sound obvious, but sometimes the obvious must be made…more obvious.


Sound pretentious

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Continuously correcting your date isn’t a good way to make a first impression.


Open up too much

tmiSource: quora

The point of a first date is to test out your compatibility. The gritty details about your panic attacks should probably wait until date number 2.


Look at your phone

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This is one of the worst things you can do. Don’t even touch it.

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