25 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your First Date

Posted by , Updated on October 19, 2016

Going on a first date can always be a bit nerve racking, even for the most experienced of daters. Depending on what sort of feelings you have for the other person, it can be anywhere between slightly awkward and full out panic attack. Of course, there are certain things that you can do to make the date go better or worse both for yourself and the other person, and that’s where we come in.

These tips aren’t meant to be a comprehensive dating guide. Not even close. In fact, the most important rule you can remember today is that there are no rules! When it comes to relationships and dating, different things work for different people. What you are going to read here today is more like a set of guidelines that will work for most people, specifically for those of you who are really nervous about your date.

Whether or not you remember the advice on our list, just make sure to be yourself. Even if things go terribly, at least you don’t have to suffer through more dates pretending to be someone else. Dating is supposed to be fun, so try not to take yourself too seriously! These are 25 things that you shouldn’t do on your first date.

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Be late

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If you will be late though, at least send a text.


Talk about future children

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This may sound obvious, but sometimes the obvious must be made…more obvious.


Sound pretentious

pretentiousSource: quora

Continuously correcting your date isn’t a good way to make a first impression.


Open up too much

tmiSource: quora

The point of a first date is to test out your compatibility. The gritty details about your panic attacks should probably wait until date number 2.


Look at your phone

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This is one of the worst things you can do. Don’t even touch it.


Talk about your ex

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If you’re looking for a good ice breaker, look somewhere else.


Say you love them

heartSource: quora, Image: pixabay

It should be clear as to why this is a bad choice.


Go see a movie

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You won’t get to know your date at all.


Dress casual

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While you shouldn’t take this as a hard rule, you won’t go wrong by dressing slightly better than usual.


Be a debbie downer

melancholy_2Source: quora, Image: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depression_(mental_illness)

Your first date should be fun, not depressing.


Eat like a neanderthal

foodSource: quora, Image: pixabay

Try eating in front of a mirror beforehand. This way you can check to see if you’ve picked up any bad habits.

Note: this advice is also relevant to eating meals at work.


Want a tip on what not to eat or drink? Check out numbers 9 & 8!


Expect them to pay

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If you’re a guy, you should pay. If you’re a girl, you should offer to pay.


Talk about politics

political opinionSource: quora

In some cases this might work. In most cases though, it probably won’t.


Avoid eye contact

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Some people aren’t good at maintaining eye contact. If you’re one of them, practice. It comes across as having a lack of confidence or having something to hide.


Only talk about yourself

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Conversation is a two way street.


Act like someone that you’re not

fakeSource: quora

Having good manners is one thing, acting fake is another.


Drink too much

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It’s okay to have a few drinks, but control yourself.


Bite into a cherry tomato

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These bad boys can make an unwelcome mess.



truth and lieSource: quora, Image: pixabay

If a relationship does work out, you’ll just have more of a problem.


Treat the waiter poorly

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It reflects negatively on your character.


Make negative comments

negativeSource: quora, Image: hobvias sudoneighm via https://www.flickr.com/photos/striatic/2191404675

Especially about whatever your date ordered for dinner.


Try to set up a second date

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At least not in a pushy way. The other person needs some time to process.


Abandon your date

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If you’re some place where you know people but your date doesn’t, don’t just disappear. Introduce them and make sure that they are okay.



cryingSource: quora, Image: pixabay

You may have had some tough times, but try not to breakdown. Depending on who your date is, it could make things pretty awkward.


These are things you shouldn’t do, but what about things you shouldn’t say? Check out 25 Things You Should Never (Ever) Say On A First Date.


Take advice too seriously

saltSource: quora, Image: pixabay

Everything you just read should be taken with a grain of salt. Why? Because there are no set rules. People are different and no relationship is ever the same. Maybe professing your love during your first date will work for you. Maybe you’ll spend the whole time crying. Maybe your date loves cherry tomatoes. You never know. If all else fails, just try to relax and be yourself. If it doesn’t work out, it probably wasn’t going to work out anyway.

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