25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About US Presidents

Posted by , Updated on April 18, 2014


Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a wrestling champion? Or that Andrew Jackson was involved in over 100 duels? These are 25 things you probably didn’t know about US presidents.

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Abraham Lincoln was dangerous in a wrestling ring. He even made it to the Wrestling Hall of Fame

us presidents facts

John Tyler had 15 children, more than any other president. Two of his grandsons are still alive today.

us presidents facts

During his presidency, Franklin Pierce was arrested for running over a woman with his horse. Charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence.

us presidents facts

In his youth, Andrew Johnson apprenticed as a tailor. Even as president, he never stopped making his own suits.

us presidents facts

James Buchanan regularly bought slaves in Washington, D.C. and quietly freed them in Pennsylvania.

us presidents facts

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