25 Things You Never Knew about the Film Industry

Do you ever dream of “making it in Hollywood”? Your name on billboards, dining at only the finest restaurants, living in a mansion, driving a fancy car, and having some of the biggest names in Tinseltown as your closest friends?

Or perhaps you just like movies and want to know a little more about the film industry. A lot of people assume it’s easy to make a film; many people also believe that all you need is talent and you’ll instantly get hired.

Yes, talent is important, but there is so much more to the film industry that many people may not know about. From cover-ups to animal cruelty, you might find this list surprising. Here are 25 Things You Never Knew About the Film Industry.


Some movie critics give fake reviews


Maybe this has happened to you: you read the reviews about a movie and think, “Wow, this sounds like it’s going to be a great film!” But after seeing the movie, you say, “That movie was terrible. What were these film critics thinking?”

It turns out that some reviews are either fake or mixed and matched with other movie reviews. The marketing department will take a piece of a blurb about a movie here, and put it in a blurb about a movie there.

And that’s not all. Moviemakers will even go so far as to bribe critics with free movie screenings, free food, gifts, and visits to the set where the movie is being made.

One of the most infamous of these people is Earl Dittman, who actually emailed Fox, sent them different film reviews for the movie Robots, and told them to pick the one they liked the most.


The first three movies ever made


The first film ever made, The Horse in Motion, was created with a few cameras and was actually filmed to test a popular question about horses. The question was whether or not all hooves touch the ground while horses are galloping. It turns out that they do.

The second film was called Roundhay Garden Scene. It was made by Louis LePrince and it’s only 2.11 seconds long, which does technically qualify as a movie. According to Guinness, it’s the oldest surviving film today.

The third film was made by The Lumiere Brothers called Arrival of a Train. It’s one single shot of a train pulling up to a station and people getting on. There is a story that when people first saw this, they were freaked out by the train. Many thought it was going to come through the screen and they ran to the back of the theatre to escape.


Many scripts are stolen


Here is where the copyright laws can get a little tricky. Let’s say that you’re a screenwriter and you have a great idea for a movie. You tell some Hollywood executives about it, and they pan the idea. A few months later, you see your idea being shown in theatres. What the hell, right?

It turns out this happens because ideas are not copyrighted, but scripts are. So, if the filmmakers like the idea but not the script, they just hire someone else to write the script based on your idea.

A man named Art Buchenwald won a settlement with Paramount when a script he wrote called King for a Day was made into the movie Coming to America.


Director had to prove he didn't kill actors


In 1980, a low-budget movie was made titled Cannibal Holocaust. It was about a group of anthropologists who go to the Amazon Rainforest to discover what happened to a documentary film crew that went to research cannibal tribes.

The film was so realistic that the director of the film, Ruggero Deodato, actually had to go to court and prove that no actors were really killed. Cannibal Holocaust is considered a cult classic among horror fanatics, despite it being banned in several countries.


Severe method acting


Many actors will do research for their role in a movie. Sandra Bullock went to rehab to learn more about recovering drug addicts for her role in 28 Days.

Then there are the actors who really want to get inside the minds of their character and go even further than research. Charlie Sheen reportedly stayed up for 48 hours to achieve the look of a drug addict for his cameo in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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