25 Things You Might Not Know About Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles that shook the world during the late 1980’s and dominated the music charts across the globe by the early ‘90s. With more than 100 million records sold worldwide (more than 45 million in the United States) and winning several American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and World Music Awards, the band has been credited with reviving the mainstream popularity of rock music at a time when music was dominated by pop, dance, and glam metal. Their sound was described as a “hedonistic rebelliousness” reminiscent of the early Rolling Stones, while their wild reputation earned them the nickname “the most dangerous band in the world.”

The band’s classic lineup was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, in its first year of eligibility, but even then we didn’t get a chance to see the five original band members together because Axl Rose denied the honor so he could avoid the temporary reunion. However, we have good (and official) news; after a two-decade absence it looks like Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan will finally reunite and play live in Las Vegas for two nights in April. In honor of this historic reunion, we present to you 25 Things You Might Not Know About Guns N’ Roses. Rock never dies!


The band has changed their original lineup twenty-two times since they started out.

Guns N' RosesSource: rollingstone.com, Image: wikia.com

The band was formed by Rose’s band, Hollywood Rose, and Tracii Guns’s band, L.A. Guns. The name Guns N’ Roses formed by combining the two names.

L.A. GunsSource: rollingstone.com, Image: deviantart.com

Some of the names Axl considered for the band included Heads of Amazon and AIDS. Thank God he eventually liked the name Guns N’ Roses best.

rose and revolverSource: Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction, Image: Wikipedia

After several lineup changes the band consisted of Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. The lineup debuted at The Troubadour and proceeded to play the L.A. club circuit, eventually building up a devoted fan club.

SlashSource: rollingstone.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The band’s first tour, the Hell Tour, was fittingly named. Two hours north of Fresno, the band’s 1977 Oldsmobile (plus U-Haul) gave out and left them hitchhiking for forty hours to Seattle, carrying only their guitars. They missed several shows and played on borrowed amps when they finally arrived.

hitchhikingSource: Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction , Image: YouTube

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