25 Things You Might Not Know About Easter

Easter is here and people all around the world are getting ready to celebrate. It is widely considered the most important Christian holiday and celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, three days after he was crucified. It’s also a fun holiday for families filled with Egg hunts, candy, and of course the Easter Bunny. How many facts do you know about this holy period, though? If your answer is “not much” then the following list will help you learn a few new things, or, in case you knew them already, help you refresh your memory. We present to you 25 things you might not know about Easter.

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Coloring eggs became high art when medieval English kings dispersed hundreds of decorated, gold-leafed eggs throughout the royal household at Easter.

coloring eggs

The word Easter comes from a goddess. Her name was Eostre, and she was the mother goddess of the Saxons of Northern Europe. She was, according to Grimm (yes, one of those Grimms), “goddess of the growing light of spring.”


Pity the poor Marshmallow Peep! One of the most popular Easter candy, It has been subject to blending, microwaving, and bludgeoning all in the name of fun or weird science.

Marshmallow Peeps

The largest decorated Easter egg was made in Alcochete, Portugal, in 2008, measuring more than forty-eight feet long and a little more than twenty-seven feet in diameter.

World's Largest Decorated Easter Egg

The Easter egg toss dates back to the medieval Church, where a hard-boiled egg was thrown by one choir boy to the next. When the priest called “time up” whoever held it got to keep the egg.

Medieval Church

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