25 Things You Might Not Know About Batman

Batman is arguably the most famous and beloved superhero in the world (though I’m sure Superman’s hard-core fans will disagree). Why exactly do people love and obsess over Batman so much? One reason has to do with his unhappy childhood and the fact that his parents were murdered when he was very young. A harsh and traumatic backstory (which makes Batman oddly relatable). Batman is also admired for his incredible courage and his dedication to fighting crime for a better and safer world. Further, Batman is not a powerful god like Thor, an alien with incredible, almost godly superpowers like Superman, experimentally modified like Captain America or the Hulk, or a mutant who self-heals and is almost impossible to kill like Wolverine. He is one of us. He gets hurt; he bleeds; he takes a blow and suffers, but then he gets back up and keeps fighting, saving people, being a hero. Sure he has TONS of money, but besides that, he’s just a human being who not even the god-like superheroes want to tango with, and can you blame them? So if you are a Batman fan, get ready because we are about to share with you 25 Things You Might Not Know About Batman.


In Batman #222, writer Frank Robbins wanted to have some fun with the whole “one of the Beatles being dead” controversy. The June 1970 issue was titled “Dead . . . Till Proven Alive” and featured Robin holding an album similar to the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. In the comic, however, the band was called The Oliver Twist even though they looked exactly like the Beatles.

BeatlesSource: Batman/DC Comics, Image: pixabay

In the British armed forces the word “batman” is used to describe an officer’s personal servant. In other words, Alfred Pennyworth is the original Batman or Batman’s batman, if you prefer.

Alfred PennyworthSource: Batman/DC Comics, Image: YouTube

Darren Hudson Hick, a former Comics Journal editor, did research to discover what it would cost for someone to be Batman in real life. He found out that $300 million would get you your own Bat Suit, Batarangs, Batcave, Bat Signal, and Batmobile among other things the Dark Knight needs in his fight against crime. He concluded that the most expensive item would be the Bat Computer.

Bat ComputerSource: Batman/DC Comics, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Batman didn’t always have a “no killing” rule. For that matter, Batman didn’t just murder several dudes over the years, but in some cases he did so quite gruesomely; one major example being when he hanged a mental patient from the Batplane in Batman No. 1, way back in the 1940s.

BatplaneSource: Batman/DC Comics, Image: YouTube

According to Alfred in Batman #701, Batman’s favorite food is Mulligatawny soup, an English chicken-lamb soup based on a Tamil recipe.

Mulligatawny soupSource: Batman/DC Comics, Image: Wikipedia

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