25 Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

Posted by , Updated on May 10, 2014

Every October 31st people all over the world (or at least in most parts of Europe, North America, and Latin America) celebrate the ancient holiday of Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve. Although today it features costumes, trick-or-treating, and ghost stories it wasn’t always that way. Read on to find out 25 things you didn’t know about Halloween.

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Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

yue lan

In Hong Kong Halloween celebrations are known as Yue Lan or “Festival of the Hungry Ghosts”. During the festivities fires are lit and food is offered to angry spirits seeking revenge.


Not So Scary


Although Halloween today is considered a relatively scary ordeal, in the past this wasn’t the case. The ghosts that were celebrated during Samhain were actually the spirits of loved ones. The main reason fear became such a factor was because people believed that on October 31st the lines between this world and spirit world became blurred and if spirits could come here it meant that people could be transported there.



trick or treat

The first incidence of the phrase “trick-or-treating” in print appeared in a Chicago newspaper in 1927.


That’s So Gross


After Christmas, Halloween is the highest grossing holiday of the year


An Unwelcome Influence

halloween commercialized

In many countries it is seen as an unwelcome, excessively commercialized American influence.

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