25 Things We Can’t Believe People Actually Eat

While most of us think that the things we eat are perfectly normal, to people in other parts of the world it could be the strangest thing ever. Don’t believe us? Just skim through this list. To someone somewhere each and every item makes perfect sense to eat. Of course, this list is probably skewed a bit towards a western ethnocentric point of view, but even so, most of us will probably find things that make us cringe. These are 25 things we can’t believe that people actually eat.

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This hopping marsupial is probably one of the last things you’d consider having for a meal. In Australia though, it’s considered a delicacy.


Cow Tongue

cow tonguestaticflickr.com

Certain parts of the globe don’t let parts of the cow go to waste and this is one of the results. If you’ve ever tried imagining kissing a cow, you can consider it done once you’ve had a taste of this.


Cow Lung

cow lungdudaonline.com

Keeping up with not wasting any part of a cow, here’s another part that gets eaten.




This is made from the root of the kava plant wherein it gets dried, pounded into powder, placed in a cheesecloth, and then mixed with water in traditional kava bowls. It numbs the tongue and the stomach. It also helps you relax and gives you a good night’s sleep.


Deep Fried Mars Bars

deep fried mars barshttp://emmamaree.com/

It’s a heart attack just waiting to happen.

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