25 Things We Can’t Believe Exist

There is no doubt about the ingenuity of humans. From a once barren space, the world has developed into a complex sphere of elements conceived by ingenious minds and dexterous hands. The current times demonstrate how powerful the human mind is. However, sometimes, this powerful ingenuity can create some pretty interesting (and unbelievable) things like these 25 things we can’t believe exist.

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Brainwaves Cat Ears

Brainwaves Cat Earswww.wired.com

Known as Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears, when worn, these movable cat ears respond to the brainwaves of the one wearing it and act much like an extension of the body. When one is focused, they point upwards. When excited, they twitch.


Radio and Toaster in One

Radio and Toaster in Oneinternetua.com

This crazy gadget makes the toasting experience a whole lot of fun. Called “radio and toaster combo”, this invention actually works as a toaster and a radio at the same time. By using this, one can toast his bread while tuning in to the radio station of his choice.


Pizza Scissors Spatula

Pizza Scissorswww.blessthisstuff.com

Tired of using a rolling pizza cutter that barely cuts? Well then try this ingenious invention labeled as the “Pizza Scissors Spatula”. This brilliant kitchen tool merges scissors and a spatula so you can cut and pick up a pizza slice all in one quick motion without burning your hands or having any toppings fall off.


Puppy Tweets

Puppy Tweetswww.huffingtonpost.com

This invention is simply made to entertain dog lovers and can be adorable for those who have dogs yet needless for those who don’t. Dog lovers create a twitter account for their dogs, then hang this device from their collars. Every time the dog barks, it sends tweets to his Twitter feed.


Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser

Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciserwww.ohgizmo.com

As its name suggests, Xtensor gamer hand exerciser can be used as strength training for the hand. It helps especially for those gamers who want to strengthen their hand agility on controllers.

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