25 Things To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed

What are some things to do when your flight is delayed? It’s a good question, but first, here’s another one. Do you like to travel? For most people, travel is exciting. A vacation, or perhaps a chance to see family and friends you’ve missed, make new memories, and checked out of your regular life. For others, it’s a part of work. But one thing all plane travel has in common is the timing. You pick a flight based on what the airline has to offer, and you plan around that, assuming, in good faith, that the airline will hold up its end. Sometimes it’s mother nature’s fault, sometimes (oftentimes) it’s the fault of the airline, but flight delays happen. You’re all packed up and nowhere to go, often stuck on a layover far from home and your destination. So what can you do? Well, here’s 25 things to do when your flight is delayed.

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Take A Walk

Parent-Child-Man-Family-Couple-Three-WomanSource: https://www.prevention.com/fitness/a20485587/benefits-from-walking-every-day/

Walking is good for you. It improves your mood, keeps you toned, helps digestion, and reduces stress. Sitting down for hours and hours is not good for you. It can cause blood clots, heartburn and constipation. You’re usually sitting on a plane, so when you’re between flights, be it for a delay or a planned layover, get up and walk around.


Take a Nap

Kid-Baby-Boy-Baby-Son-Boy-Infant-Child-Cute-19Source: https://www.sleepinginairports.net/tips.htm

Travel is exhausting, and if you’re on a layover, you’re probably missing out on at least some relaxation if not some actual shut eye. Sleep and rest are vital to our mental and physical health. Flight delays are stressful enough, without adding exhaustion on top of that. Executive lounges sometimes have recliners, consider checking into the airport hotel if you’re going to be “delayed” by more than six hours (or asking for a hotel voucher), and some airports even have cots and blankets they bring out for during severe weather delays. Companies likes napcab and sleepbox have small rooms you can rent by the hour for a little shut eye.


Charge Up

Download-Connection-Smartphone-Charging-Phone-Link-17Source: https://www.cheapflights.com/news/power-up-a-guide-to-us-airport-charging-stations

You’re tweeting your frustration, fielding calls from your mom/husband/dog, and trying to find a new flight, and even if none of that applies, you’re bored. You’re going to be draining your devices, so take a few minutes and top up at one of the charging stations now available in most major airports. Just remember to be polite, don’t walk away from your device, don’t unplug any one else’s device, and don’t linger after you’re fully charged.


Ask For Stuff

Tickets-Boarding-Items-Still-Things-Plane-Passes-16Source: https://www.travelingmom.com/travel-tips/what-to-do-when-your-flight-is-delayed/

Depending on how long you’re delayed, you may have an option to request a voucher for everything from dinner to another free flight later. Read the fine print (Contract of Carriage portion) and know your rights, but when you finally get to the counter, be polite and patience, but do ask if there’s a free dinner they could throw in.


Take Your Meds

pillsSource: https://www.everydayhealth.com/healthy-travel/traveling-with-medications.aspx

Yes, airports have clocks everywhere, but also seem like this weirdo pocket dimension where it’s never the day or time or city you think it is. Always keep your medications in your carry on or personal bag, and set yourself timers when you travel. If you have to take a specific medication at a specific time, please remember your biological clock doesn’t adjust for timezones. Make sure you pack your medications in their original bottles regardless of how easy it would be to save space, in case your TSA agent is having a bad day. Double check TSA guidelines for all liquid medications, just to cover your bum.

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