25 Things To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

That wonderful time of the year where we sit down, enjoy some turkey and take account for all the things we are thankful for is fast approaching. Let us help you start a thankful brainstorm with these 25 things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Now I know this list is not exhaustive, so let us know what else you are thankful for in the comments below.

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You are breathing right? (If you’re reading this, I surely do hope so). We need oxygen to survive. You can live without food for a while. You can live without water for a few days, but you cannot live without oxygen (at least not for more than a couple of minutes).




Can you imagine a world where nothing is beautiful? Ugly houses, ugly cars, ugly trees and flowers, and even ugly spouses. Luckily, our world is not like that, and for that we should be grateful.




It would be an interesting world if we could not move to say the least. Whether by train, cars, bikes, walking, or even wheelchair, the fact remains that you can move.




Strawberry Cheesecakes, Chocolate Fondue, Creamy Flans, whatever your sweet tooth delicacy, desserts are the colors to the taste pallet. To live without them is to live in a colorless world.




Most people don’t like war. Unfortunately, events happen that create wars. In these situations, our military protects our homelands and our interests. They lay down their lives for those who don’t even know them.

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