25 Things That You Must Do If You Ever Visit England

Posted by , Updated on May 18, 2014

If your travels take you to England, be sure not to miss these sites.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

royal observatory greenwichblog.onlineclock.net

This place has played a significant role in the history of navigation and astronomy. It is located on the hill in Greenwich Park, and is overlooking the River Thames. The Royal Observatory has been commissioned by King Charles II for the special purpose of “rectifying the motions of the heavens and the places of the fixed stars and in order to find the desired longitude of places in order to master the art of navigation.” The place is currently being maintained in the UK as a tourist attraction.The two clocks in the area were built by Thomas Tompion and were installed in the principal room of the building.


Soho of London

soho of londonwww.jonathanstephens.com

Soho will always be a word connected with live entertainment, sumptuous food and pulsing nightlife. It is the main location for celebrations in London and contains quirky shops. Tourists can go on a walking tour and relax in the Soho Square. It is also a place to locate luxurious hotels and the place to find delicious and cheap snacks as well as fine dining restaurants in London.
Soho of London is likewise a place to check live theatre and performance; the place to see big budget musicals and important plays as well as some smaller stand up acts.


Lake District National Park

lake district national parktraveltripjourney.blogspot.com

It is often referred as The Lakes and is located in a mountainous region in the North West England. It is famous due to its amazing lakes, forests and mountains. Visitors will be delighted to know that the place is associated with 19th century poetry and writings of William Wordsworth and the other Lake Poets.The place also has the deepest and longest lakes in England like the Windermere and the Wastwater. The UK is trying to enter it into World Heritage Status in the cultural landscape category.


Westminster Abbey

westminster abbeyhome2.btconnect.com

The Westminster Abbey is a large, Gothic Church located in the City of Westminster, London. It is where coronations occur and is also the burial site for the English and later the British monarchs of the Commonwealth realms. According to historical accounts by Sulcard in the 1080, the Abbey was first established in the time of Mellitus, Bishop of London. Up to the present time, the Fishmonger’s company still gives a salmon a year in the area since this was a community act during the early 1970s.


The British Museum

the british museumposter.4teachers.org

This place has been created for the purpose of keeping the memory of human history and culture. It contains permanent collections that number to a total of eight million works. It is considered to hold some of the most comprehensive collections from various continents. It started in 1753 and contained mosts of the collections of physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. The museum opened its doors to visitors on the 15th of January, 1759.

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