25 Things That You Must Do If You Ever Visit England

Posted by , Updated on May 18, 2014

If your travels take you to England, be sure not to miss these sites.

Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City

Liverpool Maritime Mercantile Cityopentravel.com

Visitors can check out the six areas in this historic center and docklands. It tells the story of how the UK developed all throughout the centuries.  This dock holds the story of the mass movement of people, slaves, and immigrants that came from northern Europe to America.  Today, it is a picture of modern dock technology complete with transport systems, port management and the home of significant commercial, civic and public buildings like St. George’s Plateau. However, due to it’s modernization, it has been labeled as an endangered World Heritage Site, one of only two in Europe.


Hadrian’s Wall

hadrian's wallwww1.american.edu

This place was once a defensive fortification in Roman Britain. They begun constructing the area in AD 122, during the time of Emperor Hadrian. The region served as a military fortification, a customs post, and levy taxation area. Visitors are still able to see a significant portion of the wall that has been rescued through the efforts of John Clayton during the 19th century.


Durham Castle

durham castlewww.dur.ac.u

This castle has been occupied since the 1840′s by the University College, Durham. Today, this place is open to the general public, but only with the help of guided tours since it is still being used as a working building by over a hundred students. This lovely castle sits on top of a hill in the River Wear on Durham’s Peninsula and is opposite the Durham Cathedral. This castle was first built in the 11th century as a way to project King Norman’s power and prestige in the north of England. It is an example of what early bailey and motte castles look like.


The Malvern Hills and Commons

malvern hills and commonscommons.wikimedia.org

The Malvern Hills are a range of hills in the English counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and a small area of northern Gloucestershire. This place contains some of the oldest rocks in Britain. Mostly igneous and metamorphic rocks from the late pre-Cambrian known as the Uriconian, which are around 680 million years old! Today, people are be able to enjoy the 3000 acres of the open countryside or climb the highest point at the Worcestershire Beacon and even relax while viewing the wooded slopes.


York Minster

york minsterwww.thewhitehorseyork.co.uk

This is considered to be one of the best cathedrals in York, England and is also the largest in Northern Europe. Guests can enjoy the Gothic nave and chapter house. Visitors also love the medieval stained glass and the Five Sisters Window that is over 16 meters (52 ft.) tall. It was constructed as a clear Christian presence during the 14th century. The place also has an attached school and library that was created during the 18th century.

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