25 Things That happen When You Don’t Shower For A While

Posted by , Updated on January 30, 2018


Ever wonder what happens if you don’t shower everyday? Well, actually, maybe for a day or two, there might be a few positive health effects of not showering, but once you start on day 2 or 3 (or more!), things might get a little rough. While some results of skipping a morning rinse aren’t too surprising, such as body odor, others might shock you. Are you ready to find out what happens when you go without showering for a few days? Here are 25 Things That happen When You Don’t Shower For A While.

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Skin Abrasions


For those who work out and don’t shower regularly, keeping moist sweaty clothes next to your skin for extended periods of time may lead to easier and more skin abrasions and cuts. So if you don’t have time to shower after your next gym session, be sure to at least change your clothes.


Dead Skin Cells...Everywhere


The nastiest result of not showering? Being covered in your dead skin cells. How many skin cells? Well, every minute of the day, you lose between 30k-40k off the surface of your skin! (roughly 43 million!) By showering regularly, you wash off some of those deceased cells, may they rest in peace.


That Frumpy-Feeling

frumpy womanSource: rodalesorganiclife

In addition to paranoia and a generally negative feeling, you might also start to feel…well…frumpy. In one blogger’s story, she stated that she started to dress a little sloppier because she just didn’t feel all that attractive. She just felt dirty.


Itchy Scalp

itchy headusatoday.com

In addition to a bad hair day and flaky dry skin on the rest of your body, you might notice your scalp start to itch and dandruff start to form. The oils from your scalp will collect dust and dirt; your scratching will soon lead to flaky skin on your scalp.


Natural Ecosystem Balance

you are an ecosystemtheatlantic.com

Despite these negative consequences, for those of you wanting to take a few days off of your normal hygiene routine, there are some positive effects of not bathing. Remember all those bacteria living on us we talked about earlier? Well, while showering can help out the good bacteria, showering too much can throw your natural bacterial ecosystem out of balance, creating things like a dependence on soaps and conditioners.

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