25 Things That happen When You Don’t Shower For A While

Ever wonder what happens if you don’t shower everyday? Well, actually, maybe for a day or two, there might be a few positive health effects of not showering, but once you start on day 2 or 3 (or more!), things might get a little rough. While some results of skipping a morning rinse aren’t too surprising, such as body odor, others might shock you. Are you ready to find out what happens when you go without showering for a few days? Here are 25 Things That happen When You Don’t Shower For A While.

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You'll Develop Bad Body Odor

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You probably thought sweating causes body odor right? Wrong. Body odor is actually gas given off by bacteria as they consume body protein and fatty acids. That’s right, b.o. is caused by bacteria farts! The average body odor consists of up to 30 distinctly terrible smells, so even if you didn’t sweat, not showering will quickly give you body odor.


You'll Sport Breeding Areas for Ick

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Your armpits, groin, and face become breeding grounds for the bad guys. If you really do have to skip a shower, dermatologists suggest treating at least these areas some other way. Baby wipe, anyone?


Groin Area Rashes

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Speaking of the groin, if that area is neglected for too long, a yeast or other type of infection could develop, causing a lot of pain and burning.


Scummy Toes

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Toes are also a place that can build up fungus. Just say no to toe jam. 


Higher Risk of Infection


Not showering often can cause a build up of dead skin from when it breaks down. This can raise the risk of bacterial and fungal infections like, you know, staph or jock itch.

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