25 Things That Escalated Really Quickly

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There are some things in life that just take a while to kick in. In fact, it seems that the better something is, the slower it takes to happen (and of course then when it finally does actually happen it’s over before it even began). But today that is not what we are going to talk about. The topic of conversation today is going to be those things that happen so suddenly that you barely even had time to realize what happened. As you may have guessed, some of this list is going to be a bit tongue in cheek. Well, maybe extremely tongue in cheek. So, that is our disclaimer. At any rate, there are quite a few things in human history that escalated pretty quickly. Just think about air and space travel. Near the beginning of the 20th century the best we could do was launch balloons. Barely 70 years later we landed on the moon. And today we’re shooting satellites all the way out beyond the solar system. In the 1970s if you wanted to get a phone call you had to sit by the phone. Today you go about your day until someone calls you on your mobile. These are 25 things that escalated really quickly.



ILOVEYOUSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This virus went from one computer to nearly 10% of the internet in a little over a week. It caused up to $10 billion of damage.



TornadoesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If you are in tornado country, don’t take clear, sunny skies as a sign that you’re safe. The situation can deteriorate really quick.


Counting in binary

Counting in binarySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

0, 1, 1o, 11, 100…



SalmonellaSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Few things can make you sicker faster.


Internet rage

Internet rageSource: reddit

You can’t really predict it, but if the internet decides it’s going to be mad at something, it can get crazy pretty quick.


The Internet

The InternetSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

In 1991 the internet was just a bunch of unconnected forums. In 1993 it was the world wide web.


Donald Trump

Donald TrumpSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Haha, funny joke Donald. Wait…are you serious?


The plot of Lost

The plot of LostSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

You just have to watch it.


The weather in Chicago

The weather in ChicagoSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

It’s completely unpredictable.


Leonardo di Caprio's trophy case

Leonardo di Caprio's trophy caseSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

No Oscar, no Oscar, no Oscar, no Oscar, no Oscar, Oscar!



Kony2012Source: reddit

We probably could have filed this under internet rage, but it really deserved a mention all by itself.



CollegeSource: reddit

One moment you’re just partying and being irresponsible and then boom…real world.


Panic attacks

Panic attacksSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

This one is serious. If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know what we mean. One minute everything’s fine and the next minute you’re fumbling for the phone because you think you’re dying of a heart attack.



ComputersSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Yes, we mentioned the internet, but do you realize that your cellphone is a more powerful computer than what NASA used to land on the moon? The Digital Age just came out of nowhere.


US Army Basic Training

US Army Basic TrainingSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

As soon as you get off the bus your days goes from pretty much normal to non-stop, constant, unceasing, yelling. Just yelling.


The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile CrisisSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

In 1962, the world almost ended.


The Departed

The DepartedSource: reddit, Image: amazon

The whole movie, but especially the elevator scene.


Arranged marriages

Arranged marriagesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

You’ll meet a guy and two weeks later he’s your husband. No lie.



GunsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

They went from pistols and rifles that you always had to pause and reload to the Maxim gun. Ironically enough, the machine gun was invented by a doctor to decrease soldier deaths because most deaths at the time were due to sickness and disease. It was hoped that machine guns would end wars more quickly.


Europe's Refugee Crisis

Europe's Refugee CrisisSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

One minute everybody is greeting and accepting refugees. The next minute there’s so many border walls that Trump would be jealous.


The Space Race

The Space RaceSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This escalated in a very literal way of course. But when Kennedy said we would put men on the moon by the end of the decade, nobody really took him too seriously. It took less than 10 years.


2014 FIFA World Cup

2014 FIFA World CupSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

There were 5 minutes in there where Germany scored a lot of goals and it was pretty fun to watch as long as you weren’t Brazilian.



DronesSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

A few years ago nobody heard of them. Now it seems like they’re everywhere.



ISISSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

One week the troops were being pulled out of Iraq and the next week half the country was in the hands of crazy militants nobody had ever heard of.


World War I

World War ISource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is possibly one of the most important escalations in world history. It changed everything.

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