25 Things That Are Way More Expensive Than They Should Be

Everything comes with a price tag. You probably know the old phrase, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. It’s just that some things come with bigger price tags than others. And while that is justified sometimes, there are oftentimes no really good reasons for something to cost as much as it does. You can probably think of several things right off the top of your head. Some of these are largely harmless. The fact that birthday cards probably cost less than a penny each to manufacture (depending on the economy of scale), nobody complains that they are marked up by so much because they still only cost about a dollar. And it’s almost common knowledge by now that printer cartridges, video games, and razors are all marked way up. But we’re also the ones who decided to lock ourselves into one “brand” so there’s not really much we can do. And not being able to buy the latest video game won’t exactly kill us. But there are some cases where this whole price gouging thing can get out of control. Life saving medicines is one such arena. So whether it is something critical or benign, these are 25 things that are way more expensive than they should be!

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Rubber flooring (in gyms)

Rubber flooring (in gyms)Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Unless you run a gym, you probably wouldn’t know this, but that rubber flooring sells for about 1/3 of the price when you buy it as a “horse stall mat”.


Anything in an airport

Anything in an airportSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Captive market, high real estate price…you can bet that burger will cost more at the airport than at the McDonald’s down the street.



WeddingsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

You’ve probably heard the advice from your friends…when looking for a photographer/caterer/DJ/etc don’t mention that it’s a wedding right off the bat. When you do actually mention that it’s a wedding, the price will shoot up. At this point, ask what exactly is done differently for weddings.


Appliance parts

Appliance partsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Many times it will be cheaper to just get a new fridge. Or just wait until 3D printers become ubiquitous…



InternetSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

If you live in the US or Australia, your internet is slow and expensive because the infrastructure is out of date and the internet providers don’t have an incentive to upgrade it. In countries that we like to make fun of for being “backwards” (like Lithuania), you can pay 10 Euros per month for download speeds faster than 800 Mb/s and upload speeds faster than 700 Mb/s!

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