25 Things That Are Legal But Also Really Annoying

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s acceptable, ethical, or right. Although this applies most directly to the worlds of finance, healthcare, business, etc, there are a few such things that are just more annoying than anything else. These are 25 things that are legal but also really annoying.


Having unnecessarily bright headlights

headlightsSource: quora

Seriously though, why replace your regular beams with lasers? Isn’t that what the high beams are for? 


Hanging out in chokepoints

stairsSource: reddit

This would include doorways, the tops of staircases, or anywhere else that inhibits the flow of pedestrian traffic.


Fake news

fake newsSource: reddit

As if the baby boomers aren’t scared enough already, we need ultra-conservative-protection-patriots-of-america-united-baldeagles-and-stuff.com to peddle made up news about how Muslims are going to take over the world…or was it the Jews? Who knows anymore.



pointerSource: quora

How is this even legal!? Click here to find out!!!

Note: there’s no link, it’s a joke.


Cutting in line

queueSource: reddit

If you live in a developed English speaking country, consider yourself lucky. In most of the world queuing is…uh…optional.

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