25 Things That Americans Love That Are Actually Not American

To get this out of the way right from the beginning – this is just a joke. It’s meant to be funny. We know how nationalistic the world has become these days, which can make it harder for good spirited jokers like ourselves to not get beat up by overly patriotic thugs. So let us reiterate – our goal is to make people laugh, not make you angry. With that said, let’s get to business. When we say “non-American,” we are broadly referring to things that are simply not American. While some of these may be taken to be “un-American” (authoritarianism, dictatorship), others are more just….not American. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Either way, none of these were initially American, but America seems to have adopted them wholesale.

And just to be clear, we’d like to add a second disclaimer here. We realize that America is a huge country that represents a phenomenally vast number of political and social views. For this reason, some of these obviously only refer to a few people, be it politicians, rednecks, or whoever else. So, get ready for some fun because from pizza to the Statue of Liberty, these are the 25 Things That Americans Love That Are Actually Not American!

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AnimeImage: wikipedia

Most anime pitches would be laughed out of the studio in the US, but we actually love that stuff.


French bashing

French bashingImage: pexels

They’re actually America’s oldest ally.

Note: France was one of the first nations to recognize the United States as being independent.


St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks DayImage: publicdomainpictures.net

Not even Ireland knows why Americans love their holiday so much.


Chinese food

Chinese foodImage: wikipedia

Disclaimer: a lot of Chinese food in America would be unrecognizable to an actual Chinese person.


The NFL draft

The NFL draftImage: pexels

Isn’t punishing successful teams and giving hand outs to the losers supposed to be commie or something?

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