25 Things Sexy People Do To Make Others Go Wild

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Sex sells. It’s an inalienable truth of the advertising world. Beyond business, despite whether we want them or not, we all have profound preferences for attractive people, even believing they are smarter and better leaders. This is partly why we funnel billions of dollars into health and beauty every year, aiming to look a bit younger, a bit brighter, or a bit more toned. While some of this is health related, much of it is to garner the lustful eyes of followers on Instagram or to get a new match on Tindr. We all want and want to be sexy people.

In this list, we present 25 things sexy people do – and which you can do too (if you want to be sexier). Looking hot doesn’t just have to do with physical characteristics; it’s also strongly mental- or attitude-based. Sexy people are confident, courageous, and responsible. They know that long-lasting and deep-seated attractiveness is built on more than just physical stimulation but also on mental and emotional excitement. They work to develop themselves on a holistic level and are uniquely aware of the impression they give off when they enter a room. Get your groove on and try adopting some of the tips in this list of 25 Things Sexy People Do To Make Others Go Wild.


Deck out their wardrobe

indian bride in traditional dressSource: Inc., Image: Pixabay

They saying goes that “clothes make the man.” While not necessarily true, it is true that what you wear puts off a certain tone and makes people view you in a certain way. Sexy people are known for dressing well and matching their clothes to the environment they’re in. You don’t always have to dress up in a suit or dress, but make sure you’re looking crisp and fashionable.


Don't give too much away

facial expressions on headsSource: Inc., Image: Wikipedia

Sexy people give off an air of mystery, of intrigue, of “who am I really,” and they do this by talking less. By not giving up the whole story, you make people wonder about you and want to hear more. (If you want to be really sexy while talking, check out #12.)


Look unique

Weird_Al-_YankovicSource: Aloha Magazine, Image: Wikipedia

Have you ever seen someone that looked so darn attractive and you have no idea why? While many of us try to pluck this or tuck that to make us look more like a set standard of beauty, individual features can be what set us apart. Whether it’s a distinctive scar (ok, so this is just a blatant Harry Potter reference) or a unique style of hair and makeup (though you might want to steer clear of purple hair in most cases), playing up one of your distinctive features can be what makes others go gaga for you.


Have personal congruence

beyonceSource: Iheartintelligence, Image: smilesea via Flickr

Though it seems like a strange term, personal congruence is one of the central tenants of attractiveness. It means the alignment of one’s thoughts, words, and actions. Having personal congruence means you are being honest with yourself and your feelings, and it makes you seem confident and put-together.


Listen to others

Arnold_Lakhovsky_ConversationSource: Inc., Image: Wikipedia

Whereas you might find somebody incredibly hot, your best friend might not. This goes to show that what we find sexy easily varies from person to person. One of the best ways sexy people make sure others are digging them is by listening. By listening and giving verbal and physical cues to show they are involved in the story, they strengthen their bond with whomever they are talking with.


Pamper themselves

massage by the beachSource: Inc., Image: Wikipedia

While an occasional facial mask or new haircut can do wonders for a person’s look, sexy people treat their body like a temple. Keeping good hygiene and regularly taking care of your body shows others (and yourself) that you highly regard your body and want to keep it in tip-top shape.


Don't apologize for everything

Emma_Stone_Penn_BadgleySource: The Bolde, Image: Wikipedia

It has become pretty standard in our culture for us to apologize for everything, even things we haven’t done. (Why is this so prevalent?!) It’s sexy to see someone in charge and unapologetic about being themselves. When a person messes up, they should apologize for it fully, but when there’s no need to apologize, sexy people know they are under no obligation to do so.


Don't put their problems onto others

Le_malade_imaginaire;_Argan_a_hypochondriac_complaining_of_WellcomeSource: Inc., Image: Wikimedia

We all go through tough patches in life, but no one wants to listen to someone who’s a broken record complaining about their life for weeks or months on end. Emotional security and not demanding constant validation can keep you looking confident and sexy.


Watch what goes in their mouths

healthy eatingSource: Inc., Image: Pixabay

Keeping a toned body these days isn’t easy, but attractive people generally have athletic bodies by being decisive/judgmental about what goes into their mouths. They generally eat cleanly and steer clear (mostly) of alcohol and cigarettes, which can cause the skin to look older, for one. Giving your body the nutrients it needs can keep you looking younger and brighter for all to see!


Have a signature fragrance

Vintage_Atomizer_Perfume_BottleSource: Aloha Magazine, Image: Wikipedia

Ever notice how attractive people give off a certain smell when they pass by? Most times it’ll be a perfume or cologne. Then, some people, by a gift of the gods, give off chemical pheromones which naturally attract others. If this isn’t you, try adding an alluring cologne or perfume to your repertoire to boost your curb appeal.


Show generosity

Sailors_weigh_Thanksgiving_food_drive_donations_before_delivery_to_the_Corona-Norco_Settlement_HouseSource: Inc., Image: Wikipedia

Ever look at a hot man or woman volunteering for a cause they support and their attractive factor shoots up a few notches? Generosity and helping others is attractive, and it’s a win-win. By helping others, you also make yourself happier, compounding your attractiveness.


Relentlessy follow their goals

Maradona_vs_englandSource: InBody, Image: Wikipedia

Having goals means having direction and direction means you’re going places. One of the hottest things a person can do is have dedicated goals which guide their day-to-day activities and push them forward to success.


Stand up for what they believe in

dalai lama quoteSource: The Bolde, Image: Valhalla Movement via YouTube

It’s tough to take a stand and confront someone, but one of the hottest things a person can do is stand up for what they believe in. Whether it be stepping in to stop bullying or standing up to City Hall, it’s sexy to have conviction and courage.


Educate themselves

girl reading book on sofaSource: Inc., Image: Wikimedia

Big muscles might look good in a picture, but a big brain is sexy in a conversation. Sexy people are on top of recent news and have formed complex opinions about the world around them through careful observation and thinking. There’s nothing sexier than having an elevated conversation or seeing your partner impress a group of business leaders or politicians with their smarts.


Wear something empowering

well dressed girl with flowersSource: Aloha Magazine, Image: Wikipedia

Ubiquitously known as the little black dress, we can all wear something – from sexy underwear to a leather bracelet to a pair of boots – that makes us feel good in them. Wearing something which makes you feel like a superstar – even if other people can’t see it – will boost your self confidence and make you look more attractive.


Don't want everyone to love them

deperate man in clockSource: Iheartintelligence, Image: Pixabay

Seeming desperate is one of the biggest turn-offs in the world. Sexy people know they don’t have to be desperate for others’ attention and approval because not everyone is going to like them; it’s a simple fact for us all. They know they can’t win everyone over and don’t change their own behavior to match what somebody else wants from them.


Be responsible

throwing out dog pooSource: Aloha Magazine, Image: lisa-parker via Flickr

Imagine someone who has maxed out on all their credit cards and is struggling to pay rent – is this attractive? No way! Attractive people have a plan for their life and give off the vibe (whether true or not) that they are in control of their lives.


Pick up on social cues

Sherlock_Holmes_1922Source: The Bolde, Image: Wikipedia

Ever been at a party that is clearly over but some person or people just haven’t gotten the hint to leave? Sexy people have busy agendas and full friend circles, so they’re rarely waiting around until the end of party when things are over or getting weird.



young-woman-stretching-outdoors-before-exercisingSource: Aloha Magazine, Image: Free Stock Photos

It should come as no surprise that after taking care of what goes in their bodies, sexy people also stay looking hot by maintaining and developing a healthy and responsive body. While this often takes the form of working out a few times a week at the gym, it’s most important to keep a healthy weight level and exercise enough to alleviate stress and release endorphins.


Fake it til they make it

B._J._Khatal-Patil_giving_a_speechSource: The Bolde, Image: Wikipedia

Confidence often comes through experience – whether it be speaking in front of a crowds two hundred times or asking out the hot girl/guy at the bar. Sexy people exude confidence, but a secret is that they are not always as confident as they might seem. If you’re feeling scared to do something, just pretend to be confident – most times, people won’t even be able to tell you’re nervous at all!


Act classy

Hipp_hipp_hurra!_Konstnärsfest_på_Skagen_-_Peder_Severin_KrøyerSource: Aloha Magazine, Image: Wikipedia

Class has nothing to do with money or education; it has to do with attitude. A person oozes class when they treat others with respect and are able to act appropriately at a variety of functions, from family birthday parties to office holiday get-togethers.


Get enough sleep

Sleep_womanSource: InBody, Image: Wikipedia

While it’s sexy to see a mover and a shaker, it’s not sexy to see them over-stressed and with bags under their eyes. Getting enough uninterrupted sleep helps you look bright and rested and lowers levels of cortisol: the stress hormone. (Cortisol even leads to the buildup of fat around the belly and calves, so reducing it makes you look thinner, too.)


Love themselves

self love quoteSource: Inc., Image: pictoquotes via Flickr

It may seem a bit cliché, but it’s true! If you can’t love yourself, how can you love somebody else? Sexy people hold themselves in high regard – while keeping away from becoming narcissistic – and value their own worth and their own company. A sexy person is someone who knows what they want and is proud to be him/herself.


Build others up

Team_Building_LanzaroteSource: Inc., Image: Wikimedia

The best managers elevate the people under them, making them better and more skilled at what they do. Knocking someone down or bullying is one of the most unsexy things a person can do. Hot people, on the other hand, make sure to build others up and make them feel confident and attractive, too.



A_smiling_babySource: Inc., Image: Wikipedia

It’s that easy. Attractive people are known for their “million-dollar smiles.” Whether their teeth are perfect or not doesn’t matter. What does matters is that they smile often, boosting their own internal happiness and making others feel better. By utilizing the previous 24 points and by making smiling a habit, you can look sexier and feel more confident than ever.

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