25 Things People Think Are True Because Of Hollywood

Hollywood is an interesting place. But wait, is it just a place? It might be more of a concept. Maybe an idea. Where are we going with this? Well, let’s talk. Hollywood represents something. It is the face of America to the world. Everything it puts on the big screen is exactly what the world perceives the United States to be. American culture is so dominant that even one catchy phrase by some unknown actor in the background of some unknown movie can completely shift the way an entire country views the United States.

But let’s bring this closer to home. Even in the little things, like fashion, style, and dialect, Hollywood plays a role in shaping our own society as Americans. Now, this is many times not a bad thing. There are gazillions of things that Hollywood does in fact portray accurately about the nation. We drive big cars, have lots of space, people are friendly, the cities are huge. All true. But today we’re going to focus on the things that might not be so true. The bad part, of course, is that some people unfortunately believe these things to be true. So, whether you are American or not, these are 25 things people think are true because of Hollywood!

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Getting the guy/girl is the hardest part of the relationship.

Getting the guy/girl is the hardest part of the relationship.Image: wikipedia

Nope. That’s the easy part.


Silencers don't make noise

silencerImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

If this is what you think, you’ve never been an assassin.


Zooming into blurry images magically increases their clarity

cameraImage: wikipedia

If the image was blurry when you were zoomed out, it will be even more blurry when you zoom in.


Safes are protected by visible red lasers

red lasersImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

The lasers thing may be true, but they are almost certainly not visible.


That a car can make a jump and land perfectly with no damage or injuries

car flipImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Whoever thinks this has never hit a pothole.

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