25 Things People Did Before The Internet You Won’t Believe

Do remember what the world was like before the internet? If so, you’re definitely not a teenager. Isn’t that crazy? There isn’t a single teenager alive today who remembers what life was like pre-google. Well, life was different, and today, we’re going to see just how different it was. These are 25 Things People Did Before The Internet You Won’t Believe!

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Buy encyclopedias

encyclopediasSource: reddit.com

That’s right, they were physical books, and you actually did research papers by looking up the topic alphabetically.


Take weeks to find rare items

phoneSource: yahoo.com

There wasn’t Amazon. People had to look up relevant topics in the Yellow Pages and call up every single store to see if they carried whatever item was being sought.


Ask for directions

mapSource: reddit.com

There weren’t apps or GPS. People had to use paper maps. You looked up the street, it gave you the quadrant, and you’d have to figure out how to get there. Not to mention that you also had to figure out where exactly you were. Typically, this involved asking innocent bystanders.


Set meeting times

watchSource: reddit.com

You spent a lot of time waiting for people because you had to pre-plan your meetings. If someone didn’t show up…well, you wouldn’t know what happened to them.


Lack information security

information securitySource: reddit.com

At a store, the clerk would just use a machine that made a carbon copy of your credit card. It wouldn’t be charged until later.

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